Olympus OM-D Gets Aussie Prices

Olympus' OM-D is an impressive looking Micro Four Thirds camera, and Olympus isn't shy about viewing it as a DSLR replacement. Based on the Australian pricing, they're going to want to be confident about how well it performs. Olympus Australia's site lists the RRP for the OM-D as follows:

Model RRP
E-M5 Body Only AUD $1299
E-M5 Single Lens Kit (with 14-42mm IIR lens) AUD $1399
E-M5 Weatherproof Kit (with 12-50mm lens) AUD $1499
E-M5 Double Zoom Kit (with 14-42 IIR & 40-150mm R lenses) AUD $1599

Compare that, if you will, to what Amazon US sells it for; $999 body only, or $1,099 with the 14-42 lens. Something tells me the direct importers might do well out of this one. [Olympus]

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