NASCAR Racer To Race Under Name Of The Guy That Stole His Twitter Account

NASCAR racer #55 Mark Martin recently had his Twitter account hacked, his access revoked, his account name name changed to EPICSWAGG, and his followers spammed. So how does a professional driver get his revenge? By stealing the hacker's name and using it for himself.

"I felt naked," Martin told CBS Sports. "I was locked out of my own account. I'd built my followers up and was scared I was going to lose all of it to this guy. I was mad at him, mad at myself, and really ticked off." Martin reportedly clicked on a bunk link while logged in and had his credentials stolen. The account was promptly recovered once Twitter noticed the hack, which should have been the end of it. Instead, Martin is fixing to teach the hacker a lesson.

"You see those commercials about people getting hacked and you really don't think much of it, but when it happens to you it's big. Real big. Epic Swag stole my name last Saturday so this weekend I'm stealing his," he laughed. "We'll run Epic Swag above the driver's window where my name is usually. What do they say: 'turnabout is fair play.'" [ZDnet - Image: The AP]


    This seems like a good result for the hacker.. but whatev's.

    I was just thinking that... A hacker's only gonna see that as a bonus, not a punishment.

    I think he just wanted to use the name epic swag, common.

    NASCAR Racer to drive in circles really fast under hackers name in misinterpreted act of revenge.

      "and the tracks like an oval so we gonn' be driving fast and turning to the left"

    Ha, it's like the hacker hacked his windscreen.

    Apply to the hackers sensibilities,

    put the name EPICFAGG on the windscreen.

      Yep you really showed him, now you're gunna make him more notorious.....EPICFAGG is right !
      Stealing fans when you have none is stealing just like candy bars ........

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