MyNetFone Releases Its NBN Plans

We knew they were coming this week, but how do the mostly-VoIP provider's plans stack up? Given that the speeds you get on the NBN shouldn't differ by provider, every NBN ISP needs some point of differentiation; with some it's not counting uploads, or zero contract terms, or exclusive content or bundling deals. MyNetFone's pitch is that they'll port your phone number as part of the deal, and that you can customise by buying additional data packs. 100GB extra will cost you $15 extra, 250GB is $20, 500GB is $30 and a 1TB boost will cost you $40. You can't just sign up for a boost, however, with the basic plan pricing as per below:

That high end plan is pretty compelling; combine that with a 1TB Boost and you'd have a full speed 2TB plan for $140/month. At the time of writing the plans weren't up on MyNetFone's site — I got them via press release — but as they're due to announce them today, they'll presumably be live today as well. [MyNetFone]

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