Time To Make The Official Shaun Of The Dead Lego Set A Reality

Over at Lego's Cuusoo site, where eager fans can post their custom projects in the hopes of gathering supporters and eventually getting a shot at becoming an official Lego product, two intrepid block-builders have put together a fantastic rendition of The Winchester pub from "rom-zom-com" Shaun of the Dead.

It's already collected over 8500 supporters, so there's not much further to go to reach the magical 10,000 point. If it does manage the big 10k, it's in with a chance to be picked up by Lego. If this happens, creators "Pixel Fox" and "yatkuu" would be entitled to one per cent in royalties for all sales and hailed for immortalising one the finest comedies of the last ten years in mass-produced plastic.

Earlier in the month, Lego congratulated the project on hitting the milestone of 500 supporters. While the message was positive, Lego made it clear that even if the 10,000 mark is reached, it would still need to be discussed internally:

Since Shaun of the Dead is a comedy, and you present your work in a humorous fashion, we believe this is within the realm of the LEGO company brand standards on violence. Note that the zombie theme does put this project at the edge of what we produce, however we recognise that the LEGO Group produces other products where themese of violence and death play a significant role.

To lend your support, just cruise over to the project's page on Cuusoo and hit the "Support" button. Note you'll need to create an account or login via Facebook.

[Cuusoo, via Geekologie]

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