Is the Sony V150 The Next Super Tablet?

Sony's previous entries into the tablet world have been a mixed bunch to date, with some interesting ideas wrapped around some awkward execution. New benchmarks suggest that Sony's next tablet might be something very special indeed. If you do a search right now for the Sony V150, you'll find studio headphones. Nice headphones, for the most part, but not the kind of things that really require Tegra 3 processors, unless Sony's doing some very unusual audio engineering these days. A benchmark score for a mystery Sony device popped up at Nenamark, and it looks to be a really solid… something.

The best guess would be that it's a tablet, as those other specifications would be a bit on the overkill side for a smartphone. This certainly isn't a slouch; its scores comparatively best the exceptional ASUS Transformer Prime. [Nenamark via Phandroid]

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