I’m Pulling This Rapid Dispense Toilet Paper Prank On April Fool’s Day

Though pranking someone with fake toilet paper is infinitely more cruel, creating this fast action, rapid dispensing toilet paper will win you a more advanced level of laughter. Watch, when a person reaches for the toilet paper, the roll starts spitting out TP like crazy.

The gag requires a bit of work but can you imagine the shocked face and clenched butt of the people you’re pranking? They’ll scream, they’ll jump up from the toilet seat, they’ll think your bathroom is possessed and they’ll live in fear of toilet paper rolls for the rest of their life. And really, what more can you ask for in an April Fool’s Day prank? You’ll need a small project motor and 9V battery to power the clever rubber band pulley system but that’s it! The full instructions to make this rapid toilet paper can be found at Instructables. [Instructables]