iiNet Offers Fee Relief For NSW Flood Victims

iiNet Offers Fee Relief For NSW Flood Victims

iiNet’s announced that customers in New South Wales affected by recent floods will be offered a variety of relief packages so that they don’t have to worry about broadband as well as everything else.

There are clearly more pressing concerns if you have been flooded out, but it’s certainly a nice step; iiNet’s announced that its customers (including customers of its associated ISP brands, including Internode, Westnet, Netspace, AAPT and TransACT) located in areas affected by floods will be offered extended payment and cancellation options. Specifically, as per iiNet’s release:

In areas where homes have been damaged due to flooding, the following relief package will be provided:

· Cancellation, without penalty, of the fixed line service and reservation of the customer’s
telephone number for a period of 3 months.

· Free connection to alternative premises/accommodation while a customer’s home is

· Cancellation, without penalty, of any broadband or Dialup internet service.

· Free installation of any ADSL internet service at the customer’s new premises within a 12
month period and continuation of existing contract (where relevant and with no penalty).

Photo by Cole Bennetts/Getty Images