iiNet Adopts Internode's Anytime Quotas

When iiNet bought out Internode, it was widely expected that Internode's plans would fairly quickly mirror those of iiNet. Instead, what they've opted for is for iiNet to adopt Internode's anytime quotas for selected iiNet plans. iiNet's previous plan allocations always worked off peak and off-peak times, whereas most Internode plans allowed data usage at any time. iiNet has just announced that its own plans (as well as selected plans for Westnet and Netspace customers) will now have no time restrictions, similar to the way Internode's plans have operated for some time. The catch here (from the iiNet side of things) is that you've got to be on one of iiNet's DSLAMs; if you're an iiNet customer on an external DSLAM, you've still got peak and off-peak quotas to juggle. [iiNet]

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