How Many Explosions, How Much Duct Tape And How Many Myths Have The MythBusters Busted?

Everyone's favourite iconoclastic show, Mythbusters, has been around for 9 years, 10 seasons and 187 episodes. Ever wonder what they've done with all that TV time? Well how about testing 833 myths, conducting 2,510 experiments and using 12,247kg of explosives?

Want more MythBusters numbers? According to executive producer Dan Tapster, who sends out biannual updates on these stats, this is what the MythBusters have done so far (episodes through June 2012):

  • Total Numbers of Myths: 833
  • Myths Busted: 461
  • Myths Confirmed: 194
  • Myths Plausible: 178
  • Total Number of Experiments: 2,510
  • Total Number of Explosions: 792
  • Total Amount of Duct Tape Used: 30.63km
  • Number of Vehicles Destroyed: 146
  • Kilograms of Explosives used: 12,247kg
  • That's a lot of duct tape. Keep on, keeping on. [Discovery via BoingBoing]

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    That's all well and good. But,.. how many of those so called myths were actually myths, in the first place? Now don't get me wrong, for the most part I thoroughly enjoy the show, however, a lot of them were just plain silly, and didn't actually rate as a myth at all.

      So, what exactly defines a myth... Other than a story of dubious tuth.


        There was an episode where they were testing an ancient clay jar battery. There were no "myths" involved in that one- it was obvious it actually was a battery... So they made up "myths": They decided to test if it could be used for torture, as part of a religious device and for electrolysis.
        SO there you go, made up "myths" :)

          It's gotten worse. One episode was basically 'myth busting' events from the recent Green Hornet movie (which had coincided with the episode). So it was basically an ad campaign for the movie and Seth Rogen was a guest... they were 'busting' stunts from the film that were readily admitted to be faked. What the hell was the point?

    I love how in 833 myths they managed to detonate 792 explosions!

    Waste of money, water of time and harmful for the environment!

      And waste of explosives with that attitude

        hahahha! Nobody likes a whiner...

    water, wtf!

      wtf indeed - to YOUR COMMENT!


    I am not really a fan of the newer episodes, the focus of the show seems to have shifted from using science to "bust" myths to the spectacle of explosions and destruction.

    Dont get me wrong i like the big booms but it seems that they use any excuse to use explosions wether the myth calls for it or not.

      Yeah, I really like the older episodes. Lately it's been getting a bit strange.

      I studied science in uni and there is a lot of time spent on making sure your methods are sound in doing experiments. There have been more than a few cringe-worthy moments watching the more recent eps.

    I agree with Luke, there are plenty of things out there they could test, but still focus to much on blowing stuff up. Would love to get a hold of the "Banned" Myths(RFID).

    It looks like the statistics page on a Grand Theft Auto game...

    I think there should be more nudity and guns.

    They are the main reason I have foxtel :) love em

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