Handspresso Auto: You Can Finally Make Terrible Coffee In Your Car

Some people drink espresso because they love the flavour of coffee. You are not one of these people. You want an instant jolt of caffeine. You're too busy to wait around in line at a coffee shop so you drink the motor oil they serve at the gas station to save time. Thanks to Handspresso Auto, you can save even more time by brewing coffee in your car.

For $US200 this hand-held espresso machine plugs into your car's 12-volt slot, and the manufacturer claims it'll churn out coffee out of ESE pods with 16 bars of pressure. That pressure spec sounds promising, but somehow we have a hard time believing Handspresso makes snob-quality coffee. If you're the kind of person who's prepared to make coffee in your car, though, you probably don't care how it tastes. [Handspresso via Uncrate]

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