This Week's Best Android Apps: Get Drunk, Learn From Neato People And More

This week you're going to get together with your friends, play a drinking game and educate yourself to revamp your spirits. These apps will help you do all of these things.

TED If you can think of anyone out there who's really doing groundbreaking work in science, technology or practically any other field, chances are they've done a TED talk. Well, I suppose many of these talks are more about thinking than talking, but they'll get you thinking — while you do basically nothing, reclined on your couch watching the talks. Free.

Panorama Pro There are about a million ways to stitch together a lot of pictures in Android, but this is the slickest panorama app I've ever seen. As with other panorama software, the app guides you step-by-step on where to were to take each picture so that your landscape lines up perfectly. The app assembles the image for you and then lets you share your 180-degree photo using your favourite social network. Easy. Free.

Pokemon Drinking Game The Pokemon Drinking game first surfaced on Reddit, and like many brilliant things on Reddit, it was only a matter of time before someone turned it into an app. Just gather up your nerdy gamer friends, and let the app guide you through a night of inebriation with your favourite cute creatures. Free.

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