Frame-Warping Goggles Adjust To Hug Your Face

An elastic headband and a layer of foam padding is all that most goggles use to ensure they fit. But Scott's new Off-Grid snow specs actually allow you to tweak the shape of the frame, so they sit comfy on almost any face.

The company's Fit System uses a set of dials on the underside of the goggles that can be turned with a screwdriver, or a coin, if you don't carry stab-capable tools while on the slopes. Turning the dials to one of four positions changes the curve of the goggle's frame, so that even if you have a particularly wide or narrow head, they should sit comfortably against your face.

The only catch is that they won't be hitting the market until later this year for around $US120. Leaving snowsport enthusiasts with freakishly-shaped heads patiently waiting. [Scott via Gear Junkie]

Image: Sean McCoy/Gear Junkie

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