Does This Chair Bend The Laws Of Physics?

At first glance Igor Lobanov's Wormhole chair looks like an impossible object that could only exist as a computer physics simulation. But once you wrap your head around its zip-together design, it not only seems plausible, but also pretty genius.

Each chair is composed of two flat, but rounded, frame pieces that each fold into a C-shape and completely zip together. So they end up creating a self-supporting place to sit that looks like someone has torn a wormhole into another dimension. It won a much-deserved Red Dot design award, but is sadly still just a concept waiting for an unnamed yet popular Swedish maker of flat-pack furniture to licence the design. [Igor Lobanov via Core77]


    Is it meant to be used as a toilet or what? At the very least it would be good for sheeple with haemorrhoids. What provides the strength to support arses?

      I think a wire frame that would run around the edge of each piece would provide the support. Very nice design!

    First thing come up in my mind is, does this chair amplify the sound of my fart?

    The flat pieces must be flexible to stretch into the wormhole shape. It's incredibly clever, but looks equally uncomfortable.

    Edges are the same 3D shape as the lines on a tennis ball. As a kid, the super-symmetry of those used to freak me out.

      I am glad to hear I wasn't the only child perplexed by freaky tennis balls.

      Good way of thinking about it! It's like an inside-out tennis ball!

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