Dick Smith Massive Monday Game Sale Leaked: Clearing Out The Warehouse

Dick Smith has now confirmed plans for a "massive $7 million gaming clearance" starting April 2nd, after leaked price sheets emerged today. The retailer hasn't confirmed if the prices are indeed correct, but so far, it hasn't denied them either. I'm talking about PSPs ($40), Xbox 360 250GB Slim ($100), Nintendo DSis (starting from $20), Super Smash Bro. Brawl ($15), Assassin’s Creed 2 for 360 ($5), and more.

Update: We're hearing from some commenters over at Kotaku that the sale may have been moved to April 12, and that stocks are "extremely limited" -- making those $100 Xboxes are rare catch.

Initially it was thought that Dick Smith might be exiting the games biz, but via Facebook, the company confirmed the sale and told VOOKS.net that it "will continue to sell gaming bigger and better than ever":

As for the prices, Kotaku reported the news late this afternoon after they were apparently leaked by Ecogamer. Though the prices haven't been confirmed, Dick Smith tweeted the following response to a customer who not only asked if the sale was real, but also mentioned the $100 Xbox pricing. That was certainly the retailer's opportunity to deny them.

Full (and still very unofficial) price list at: [Ecogamer via Kotaku]

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    Ssshhhh.... stop telling everybody. I want a $100 Xbox and a $20 DSi

      GET IN LINE!!! I cannot wait for this sale!!! I just need to scrounge up a spare $200 or so... Damn university eating up all my moneys!

      Spoke to a guy at a local store who said the sale was delayed till the 11th of april because of this leak

      I want that gaming chair for $100!

        i got my computer chair from officeworks for $65, and its amazingly good. Dont get ripped off!

      Absolute rip off, I was the second person in the store, they had nothing, and the few things they claimed were on sale were not. Bullshit.

    I wouldn't mind an extremely cheap 3DS. For funsies.

      I got a brand new 3DS on clearance at Myer for $35 :)

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, just when i dont have any money, and when i do all the good stuff will be gone. :(

    wait so they are actually selling psp for 40 bucks or the games for 40 bucks?

      PSP consoles 40, games 1-5 dollars.

    Why must you tell the masses!!

    Ill take one of everything thanks.

    This will be the biggest Clarence sale since brashs.

      Ah Brashs. I remember buying my IBM Aptiva 486 from there :)

    Strangely, no Vita games/console on any discount. No 3DS console. Nintendo Wii console bundle is HARDLY cheaper than RRP. Also, games are slightly out of date.

    But dat xbox 360 deal mmmm

      You tell me why a "Gaming Clearance Sale" would sell highly sort after games and consoles while they are still new to market... Nuh duh dumbass. Be thankful your getting anything you ungrateful prick. Have a brain.

    Yeah they are selling everything at a loss LOL

      Yeah they are.... Dick Smith as a company is for sale.. I suspect this is to reduce stock holdings so as to make it a more attractive purchase for possible buyers. Don't be surprised if more sales follow. Woolworths will want to reduce stock on hand as any company thinking of buying the company would not want high levels of inventory to take on.

    Oh god, buy as many cheap PSPs and DSis and sell those suckers for a very nice premium.

    5 DSI's, 3 Xbox 360's heaps of 12 month and 3000 point memberships and call it a day. If these are the real prices I can imagine a sell out after 10 mins on xbox's and dsi's etc

    very interested in the $100 xbox since my nephews broke their last one lol

    Damn it. I'm on the train when this starts and don't get to work until 8:30.
    How am I supposed to get in before everyone else if the sale starts at 8? :\
    But yeah I would be very tempted by the $100 Xbox, even the $40 PSP.
    That's crazy cheap.

      Just...maybe...like...get an earlier train

    hmmm, i don't really need an xbox or a dsi but i am really tempted. then again a quick check on ebay shows there is a nice profit to be made so maybe i will grab as many dsi's as i can carry :P

    My wife just got off the phone with DS head office...

    They deny the sale completely and are (now) investigating how it was confirmed on their Facebook and Twitter...this was the first they heard of it...

    I have to say...I am dissapointed in Gizmodo for claiming that Dick Smith have verified this with out doing their due diligence and actually calling them and a little disheartened at DS for not have better control of their online presence and social networking.

      Nice try...

        Dick Smith's own Facebook and Twitter pages have confirmed it.. so DSE head office is on drugs!


    The link above shows a complete list with pricing on what is going to be sold.

    Hmm... might just have to turn up late to work on the 12th. Have been putting off getting an Xbox but this is a price I just can't pass up!

    "Online sale will start at 8am"
    Is that NSW time or what?


    I hope they employ a limited number to a customer policy to keep the E-Bay trolls away...

    Time to get out the old sleeping bag and balloons

    Their site is gonna crash hard at 8.01am.

    I guarantee that staff will snap up all the deals first.... happens at Catch of the day when ever they have their massive clearance sales... staff will get the super cheap devices and put them on eBay.. this you can be sure off.
    Hopefully they will "limit" how many of each item can be purchased to allow everyone a fighting chance at some super cheap items, but i doubt it... Also i bet shipping will take over a month, they are slow already so having such demand is probably going to make it worse.

      Of course staff will get the good deals, but you'll find most stores only have about half of the list of stock any way.
      I'm not too sure about online, but talking to a guy in the store today, they said there were no limits in store.
      Apparently the list was leaked wrong originally, the sale was meant to start on the 11th.
      If you look at the Xbox's, Dsi's, and Ps3's, most of it is older stock, so most likely stores only have a display model left, still, if the price is right, why not go nuts!

    Hi Guys, I work for Dick Smith - our head boss said the sale is on the 12th, not the 2nd. It is a fire sale, 2 items per person. It set for the 12th to take care of stock lists, and also for Thursday late night shopping . Doors open at 10am, close at 9pm. Enjoy.

      Your head boss is full of shit Ray.
      Everything online on the list has been reduced as of 8am today.
      But what shit me was the fact that everything in my cart has been updated to in store only!

    I hope people arent allowed to buy more than one xBox.

    I dont own a console, nor have I in a long time. This is one of the few chances Ill have to get one. I hope greedy assholes dont get it all.

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