Dick Smith Massive Monday Game Sale Leaked: Clearing Out The Warehouse

Dick Smith has now confirmed plans for a "massive $7 million gaming clearance" starting April 2nd, after leaked price sheets emerged today. The retailer hasn't confirmed if the prices are indeed correct, but so far, it hasn't denied them either. I'm talking about PSPs ($40), Xbox 360 250GB Slim ($100), Nintendo DSis (starting from $20), Super Smash Bro. Brawl ($15), Assassin’s Creed 2 for 360 ($5), and more.

Update: We're hearing from some commenters over at Kotaku that the sale may have been moved to April 12, and that stocks are "extremely limited" — making those $100 Xboxes are rare catch.

Initially it was thought that Dick Smith might be exiting the games biz, but via Facebook, the company confirmed the sale and told VOOKS.net that it "will continue to sell gaming bigger and better than ever":

As for the prices, Kotaku reported the news late this afternoon after they were apparently leaked by Ecogamer. Though the prices haven't been confirmed, Dick Smith tweeted the following response to a customer who not only asked if the sale was real, but also mentioned the $100 Xbox pricing. That was certainly the retailer's opportunity to deny them.

Full (and still very unofficial) price list at: [Ecogamer via Kotaku]

Image credit: Google Maps

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