Check Out The ABC's Facebook Page From 1956

Media folks continue to tackle the likes of Facebook and Twitter, looking for ways to augment their traditional methods of information delivery with social media goodness. Not all the subsequent experiments have gone to plan, but I have to give kudos to ABC for transforming its Facebook page into an abridged history book using the site's Timeline feature.

The page goes as far back as 1932, with the density of content growing as you move forward. Gathered from a variety of sources, including Flickr, the Wayback Machine and the National Film and Sound Archive, it does a respectable job of covering the major events in the broadcaster's past, including the launch of the 7:30 Report (1995), the devastation of Cyclone Tracy (1974) and its coverage of the 1956 Melbourne Olympics.

While it's a nice way to leverage Facebook's Timeline feature, I can't help but feel it's a little bare. Hopefully the ABC will continue to fill out its past with interesting images, quotes and stories. Who knows, it might use it in a similar project 50 years from now on whatever the dominant social network is of 2062. Probably something cybernetic and post-apocalyptic.

[ABC News]

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