Camera Rifle Provides A Humane Way To Get That Killer Shot

For some outdoors types the thrill of hunting comes more from stalking and outsmarting their prey than the actual kill. So the KillShot camera lets them capture photographic trophies instead of carcasses.

The camera was invented by three brothers — Randall, Daniel and Michael Gregg — and is built to look exactly like a hunting rifle, right down to the scope on top, complete with crosshairs, which serves as the camera's lens.

Besides providing proof that a hunter was able to get close enough to an animal for a kill shot, the camera will also document where it would have been hit, and how safe the shot would have been based on what was in the background. Because the last thing you want to do is pull the trigger if there's the risk of hitting someone beyond your target. So besides providing a humane way to hunt, it also doubles as a great way to teach rifle safety.

At the moment the KillShot only exists as a Kickstarter project looking to raise $US15,500 in funding to get it off the ground. And if you're interested, you'll need to pledge at least $US150 to get your hands on one when they're available. If it's a success, who knows, it could lead to a version for fishermen so they could finally have photographic proof of the one that got away. [Harmless Hunter via Gizmag]



    How might history be different if Lee Harvey Oswald had used this instead? Because we all know he never 'actually wanted to shoot JFK...right?

      LHO thought he was taking a photo, the CIA had brainwashed him, and you, and the internet. STOP READING MY THOUGHTS!

    Just heard back from the inventor re international shipping and export/import requirements of a "toy" firearm. Here is Randall's reply...

    "I will ship the item over seas at no extra cost. Thank you for bringing that up. I will update my awards to show international shipping as no charge... Federal Law states to ship internationally a replica, toy or novelty firearm, the barrell tip must have an orange plug."

      I am interested in what other Giz readers this a scam or for real? Could be a lot of fun...

        You need to look beyond whether he will ship it overseas and if doing so is allowed by Federal Law.

        What you really should look at is if it is legal to import it into Australia or not.
        I'm going to go out on a limb and say that you have no hope of getting one here.

        Drew is right definately too real looking to get import OK for Australia they're tough about that type of thing but what a way for everyone to experience hunting !

    looks like a good idea but good luck getting it through customs

      My AK-47 bullet ice tray got a looking when it came in the post (they added a note to say they had look in the package).
      A whole gun? Not a chance. A long interview with two AFP agents, very likely.

    Odd, I have recently been wondering how to do this myself. Theirs is much neater than my concept.
    In Oz having an item that looks like a gun is going to attract too much of the wrong attention. You could not carry it down the street, you could not show it in public and you can be charged with having items that look like guns in public.
    Somebody is bound to complain and the police will confiscate it. Hey in Victoria they may even shoot you.

    What a cheap and ugly looking POS. and for the record.... Most scopes have crosshairs or at least some kind of reticle.....

    Great concept...except when the massive Razorback you've been taking candid photos of decides to charge, gore and eat you. I guess your 'rifle camera' might prove useful as a club...maybe?

      I'm gonna go to the approach path at Perth Aiport with this, and happy snap planes. I got reported to to police for looking at planes with binoculars.
      (Story here:
      I wonder how long before the police show up about this?

      Sounds like a really fun thing to have!

    This is a product that experienced hunters who like to harvest, hunters that do not want to harvest, novice hunters and people looking to get into a new sport can use. People who do not get to experience an actual hunt because they do not like the "kill" can experience the thrill of a real hunt and come away with a satisfying KillShot photo. My wife for example loves to hunt with me, but is not into the kill of the sport. She would like nothing more than to be in a stand or a blind, have a monster buck walk by, snap a killshot and brag about what she saw and I didn't. Trust me, I would never hear the end of it!.

    For avid hunters like myself who harvest game animals using ballistics or archery methods, we will be able to document the KillShot with the digital camera scope attached to our hunting rifleor crossbow. The technology is in the digital rifle scope and has the ability to attach and detach to any hunting rifle. Picture quality is a minimum of 8 megapixels which is considered they quality of a 8X10 35mm photo!

    Another great benefit is for children not old enough to legally hunt. Now they can join in on the hunt, pick their spot in the woods and have a chance to snap a "KillShot" that will create a memory for their lifetime! Getting a child outdoors to experience what we experience, share with them our own passions, teach them the values, ethics, and gun safety in a safe setting is priceless.

    Another awesome use will be for Digital Warfare games. With being able to connect to the scope via cell phone, you can form clans and pit battles against each other in urban or woodland environments. The digital picture will be transmitted to all other players showing the KillShot and effectively eliminating that player from the game. This is much safer then games like paintball or airsoft where actual projectiles are fired. You won't have to wear eye and body protection.

    And yet another benefit. Law Enforcement can use this product to train in safe conditions in scenarios where a sniper is needed. Departments will save alot of money investing in very expensive technology that only allows them to simulate on a screen. "KillShot" allows you to create situations being a real life experience with more action and interuptions to deal with. It is easy to throw rounds down range. Being able to create these scenarios and train effectively is a one of a kind training that you will not learn on a firing range.
    Here you can pledge to get one, I did!

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