Big W Confirms iPad Availability, Midnight Launches

Big W Confirms iPad Availability, Midnight Launches

You can add Big W to your list of places selling the new iPad, and if you’re in the vicinity of a very small number of Big W stores, you can pick one up from midnight. Big W’s just confirmed to me that it’ll stock the new iPad, and what’s more, it’ll open a few select stores at midnight to sell it, making it the only place you can buy it outright in Australia. Telstra’s also doing midnight openings, but its iPad offerings are contract only.

The only catch there is that only three Big W stores in Australia will actually have stock at midnight; Rouse Hill in Sydney and QV and Fountain Gate in Melbourne are the stores in question. Big W’s not forthcoming (yet) with official prices, noting that it’ll have prices up on its Web site by midnight, along with the comment that “BIG W is know for offering the best value and we expect BIG W prices for the new iPad to be market leading.”

One commenter over at OzBargain took a snap of what’s purported to be Big W’s pricing scheme for the new iPad, which suggests the following price breakdown:

16GB WIFI $498 16GB 4G $668 32GB WIFI $628 32GB 4G $778 64GB WIFI $748 64GB 4G $858

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