ARM's Super-Efficient New Chip Can Get 'Years Of Battery Life'

With processors, it's easy to get caught up in gigahertz and petaflops and the top-end specs. But blazing fast speed doesn't mean all that much for, say, your refrigerator. ARM's says its Cortex-M0+ chip will connect your dumb appliances to a smart grid, and offer "years" of battery life on some of them.

The Cortex-M0+ chip is capable of 32-bit processing, measures 1mm x 1mm, and is based on Flycatcher architecture. ARM says it's the world's most energy-efficient design. It's even more efficient than the 8- and 16-bit MCUs it's replacing.

The idea is that if the "Internet of Things" -- that near-future sci-fi aspiration where your toaster knows when your dishwasher is using too much power -- is ever going to happen, we'll need super low power chips to make it possible. [ARM via Geek, BBC]



    maybe they should install one of these in my coffee cup to remind me when to get a refill :P

    I want one for my calculator so i can type more words then just 5138008

      Nice, upsidedown calculator profanity spelling fail.

    When they say "years" I doubt they mean an Earth year but more likely the whining of a teenager when listening to a 3 minute 70s pop song took "years" to finish.

    OK I did see the jetsons but can someone remind me why I want my fridge/microwave connected to the net?

    Actually if it could monitor mould levels on leftovers and text me when it reaches critical mass that would be quite useful.

      Like a cup of tea/coffee at certain times of the day?

      Start the kettle boiling from your tv. Or tie into your alarm.

      Or when you open the front door... etc etc.

      Though I'd personally be more impressed with the pee-wee herman breakfast machine.

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