Another Sign That OS X Is Going To Die Soon

If you had any doubts about the overwhelming importance of iOS and the imminent death of OS X — probably after Mountain Lion — take a look at this image. Pay close attention. Read the titles of the entire Apple leadership team.

See it yet?

There's no VP for OS X or Mac technologies.

Craig Federighi — who still is Apple's Senior Vice President of "Software Engineering" — is nowhere to be found on the Apple Leadership page. Federighi replaced Bertrand Serlet — the father of OS X — after the latter left Apple back in March 2011 as "VP for Mac Software Engineering".

A year later, Federighi is still not listed in Apple's Mount Olympus. Before Federighi, Serlet was in that list, one of the gods who ruled Infinite Loop. Just like Avie Tevanian was there before him — Tevanian was Senior Vice President of Software Engineering from 1997 to 2003, and Chief Software Technology Officer from 2003 to 2006.

Now it's clear why Serlet left. The writing was on the wall back then, after the success of the iPad and the unstoppable tide of iOS. Scott Forstall and his leather pants won that battle. Actually, iPhone and iPad — especially iPad — won that battle. A battle that will end in the complete iOSification of OS X, helped by touch devices and new hardware designs that will eventually lead to a single operating system to rule them all. This is something that was even hinted by Tim Cook himself during the introduction of Mountain Lion.

It makes sense. First, the Mac will not disappear and OS X will continue to exist — just in a different way. The fact is that both operating systems have already converged in a serious way. In fact, you can consider iOS a subset of OS X with some new stuff thrown in. It's not going to be much of a shock. It's just that OS X is changing shape.

The iOS approach offers Apple total control. Mountain Lion is already paving the way for the change by offering operating system services to apps that are exclusively available through the App Store. It's the app ecosystem on the desktop.

Steve Jobs knew more than a year ago that iPad is the future. The staggering sales numbers proved him right. The whole market is shifting because the market has spoken. That's why Apple considers OS X secondary and its chief doesn't appear on the Apple Leadership page. That's why Microsoft is putting all its power into the tablet market, as is Google.

What we are looking in this image is just a silent statement of this focus shift — and a very cute sad cat.

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Image: Kirill Vorobyev/Shutterstock



    OSX has been dead for many years, it's a useless OS compared to Windows.

      lol ur joking right?


        No he is right, the writing has been on the wall for decades. OSX is so small in the market share for a reason. Macs are great, but the OS is not.

          Bahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahhahahahahahahahahahahhahahahaha. trololololololololololo. Dude its the OS is what makes macs amazing and its the reason 7 out of my 9 housemates have made the switch to Mac over the last 3-4 years. I switched to mac about 5-6 years ago but sometimes have to use the PC to do site testing. The one thing I have notices is how unfriendly the usability is with Windows. I still remember EVERYTHING I used to do on a Windows machine, but its just so damn slow to work on.

            There is absolutely zero substance to this remark. Be specific, how is it "wonderful"? Because I've been using Mac OS since 1999 and I've not noticed it. It is certainly not one iota more usable. e.g.e Look how ridiculously convoluted window management is compared to the simple elegance of Windows.
            But anyone who chooses their OS is an idiot. You choose your software applications and your OS chooses itself. Therefore, there is really only one reason to go with OS X - you want to run Logic Audio. Final Cut used to be another, and a far more compelling one, but Apple took care of that.

              Zero substance, and then you comment about anyone who chooses their OS is an idiot?

              As a web developer, I don't have any platform specific programs, but I CHOSE to use OSX because I was sick of the windows security rubbish, the cheap (in price &/or quality) pc components, and linux drove me up the wall when trying to do simple tasks like put music on an MP3 player, or get wireless networking up and running. SURE, these things might work better today, but 7 or 8 years ago, it was a royal pain in the backside. I'm happy using the tools I use thanks. I don't have any security/virus related problems, I never have to spend any time maintaining my machine, and so far, everything just works and I can spend a better percentage of my time doing my real work rather than screwing with my computer. In my 30 years of IT, nothing has ever been that simple in computing. I work on my computer 24/7, I'm not a light user.

              As for you arrogant, know-it-all jack-arses that think you're so much better because you don't use Apple.. that's you're prerogative, but why is everyone else an 'idiot'. If you haven't got anything constructive to add, then STFU because you just make yourself look stupid. It's the second time I've been labelled an idiot in these Apple-related comments in the last two days. Real intelligent! Douches, get a life.

              The Gizmodo community has gone to the dogs.

                Wow, way to up the ante there mate. You're taking this way too personally.

                Calm.. down...

                  Sorry man... I'm calm! :^) Of late, 80% of the comments on every single Apple-related post are petty or pointless trolling remarks. What's the point of writing them?

                Same here mate. I used a Windows machine for 10 + years with 10+ reinstalls of the OS, and re-formatting. I have now been using Mac for about 6 and have still never had to re-install the OS or re-format. Just saying.

                  You had the one computer for 10+ years?! No wonder you were having trouble! :P
                  (I joke! I joke!)

                Gizmodo, please remove noob/missinformation

                What "windows security rubbish"? In 17 years I've never had any security issues on any PC I've owned and I've never had any anti-virus or other security software installed. Stupid users will always be stupid but an ounce of common sense is all that's needed to keep any PC safe.

                As for my supposed " arrogant, know-it-all jack-arses that think you’re so much better because you don’t use Apple", you couldn't be further off the mark. I sit in front of a MacPro three days a week at work, using software that isn't nearly as good as the software I use to do the same things at home. It would be great if I was on an hourly rate but I'm not, so its just annoying.

                I've often wondered why everyone is an idiot. Ultimately I put it down to sheeple's inability to be objective about anything.

              Elegance of windows! The Mac OS window management is absolutely PERFECT. I use a combination of hotcorners, expose and spaces. This allows me to have 20+ programs open at once if i need and with the flick of the wrist and one click I can switch to any file in any program, litterally in 0.2 of a second! Another flick of the wrist I can hide all the windows. Another flick I have access to Spaces where I have different programs grouped on different virtual desktops. Another flick I have all my widgets which have HTML code hints, weather, calculator, anything!

              Trying to find the correct window on a Windows machine is an absolute nightmare! please tell me if there is a way to do what I described above on a Windows machine. Im not trying to be a troll here, I just cringe every time I jump on the Windows machine and have to Alt-Tab through programs, its terrible and time consuming. Im assuming there might be 3rd party apps to do this on a windows machine, but I know how unreliable most of those are when It comes to 3rd party Windows software.

                I would love to see the video of you "...with the flick of the wrist and one click I can switch to any file in any program, litterally (sic) in 0.2 of a second!..." Or to know what DPI mouse you are using to make those sort of movements. Pretty fast on screen render of the animation for you to be able to do that.

                  Challenge Accepted! Meet me at sundown behind the saloon. But seriously, Im using a 2.8GHz Intel Core i7, 8gb ram, iMac, Mac OSX 10.6.8. Im using a mighty mouse. No idea what the DPI is on those, but its good enough to do as I explained.

                  I have a bit of work to do, but check back here later today and I will have posted a vid... that is if the screen capture software I have can keep up with me. When my boss comes over to work work with me she almost has a seizure watching me work and always tells me to slow down lol.


                  Excuse the lag, capturing full screen using iShowU on a 27 inch iMac causes some extreme lag as I suspected it might. But using this method with 20+ apps works smooth as anything, no lag at all, instant swapping with the flick of a wrist and a click. maybe not 0.2 seconds... perhaps 0.3 seconds. I can switch between 3 apps within 1 second using this method (without screen capture software running).

                  Please tell me if there is some way to work as quickly as this out of the box on a windows machine. I am not trying to troll here, I legitimately would like to know, as browser testing on the Windows machine here is a time consuming nightmare!

                Exactly, you need three different things and endless gestures to do what any Windows user can do with the Taskbar. No wrist flicking but then most Windows users aren't wankers. Interestingly, the only place I use ALT+TAB to find an open application is on my MacPro at work. Its not necessary on Windows because everything is there in front of you. More importantly, you don't need to set up groups of stuff on virtual desktops or anything so ridiculously over-complicated to make yourself productive, its all there no matter how you work.

                  Three different things and endless gestures!? did you even read my comment or watch the video. Its 3 different gestures, unless you think 3 is endless. and moving the mouse to a corner barely even classifies as a gesture because its so simple.

                  Taskbar? Well I don't know how the newer windows organises the taskbar, but if its anything like xp then having over 6 or 7 programs open at a time makes it impossible to navigate as each programs task bar becomes so squished that it just shows the first letter of each program. Hardly usable in any way.

                  Alt-tab on the mac was introduced so migrating PC users would have some familiarity while making the switch. I don't know anyone who actually uses it on a mac because it is terrible!

                  It seems like you don't have a good argument against the workflow I have demonstrated, but have instead resorted to calling me a wanker because you have nothing to even challenge the speed at which I can work on a mac vs a pc workflow. Why not admit defeat or actually show me something that matches what I have demonstrated.

                  Setting up the virtual desktops and gestures is done in a about 1 minuite when you first buy your mac and thats it. Programs automatically open in specified virtual desktops so your projects are grouped automatically, if I need to change a program from one virtual desktop to another its drag/drop, not really time consuming.

                  Don't bother replying until you have at least shown me a screenshot of yourself working with at least 10 different programs open and being able to switch between them with ease.

            I need a windows VM on my mac. I'd do it the other way around but the inferior Mac OS can't easily be virtulized.


              Hmm, sounds to me like the Mac OS is too powerful to be run from the Inferior Windows software to me buddy!

          How many decades are we talking about here? The System days? Mac OS 8 or 9?

          OS X has an artificially capped market share for one amazing reason. It can only be reliably run by one vendor! That doesn't make it poison.

          Anyways, I'm fine for convergence, as long as the Mac way is still there ie. no walled garden/sand boxing and a keeping a robust windowing interface. What kills me about iOS is multitasking, and I don't like WP8's solution that much either.

            I prefer Win8's solution of options for Metro UI or Desktop. The day Apple drops desktop, I'll drop Apple. Which sucks cause I've been using Macs since OS9.1, but frankly iOS is far too impractical for me on anything other than iDevices.

      While I don't exactly agree with the statement that OSX is dead, I do agree that Windows 7 is doing things that are making me seriously consider a shift from OSX to Windows at home.

      The window management of Win7 is amazing and I'm so used to it now that I really miss it at home on the mac. Just being able to flick a window to the left side of the screen with a simple keyboard shortcut revolutionised the way I work on a computer.

      The search from the start menu is awesome... sure mac has spotlight but you have to know thats what the magnifying glass is for. It's not front and centre like the windows search.

      The fact that I can run the operating system from the keyboard is also a huge advantage for me as I feel it's so much faster to get around. If I want to do that with a mac I have to remember some seriously obscure keyboard short-cuts. That's just the operating system... using Numbers after Excel is an excercise in frustration.

      This is my opinion and preference though from using Windows 7 at work (admittedly I use it the most) and Mac OSX at home.

        Im still trying to find videos showing this amazing window management in windows 7. Can someone point me to a you tube video or something that demonstrates this? Its hard to argue when I have not actually tried or seen it! I doubt anything can be better than spaces and hot corners on OSX.

        Regarding searching, how often do you use this thought? I think I have used it maybe 3 times over the last several years. If you have your machine organised you shouldnt need a search function. Just like on Smartphones, they all have search apps now, but how can you lose something on such a small device!? Search is obsolete on a laptop/computer as long as you know how to use one.

          I use the windows search regularly as in multiple times a day. Basically it's easier to hit the windows key and type "control" and hit enter to get to the control panel than it is to click around the start menu.

          I tend to use the keyboard far more than the mouse as I find it much faster to navigate that way. With the Windows management I find I can flick windows around just using the "windows-arrow" combination not to mention simply being able to hit the maximise button (windows-up) to fill the screen as opposed to the green "resize the screen to be the minimum required to show the contents" option that Apple gives us.

          Sure you have spaces and mission control on the Mac which looks great but I found that I hardly used them once the "ooh pretty" factor wore off.

          Mac = mouse centric
          Windows = both mouse and keyboard.

          James, do you use a computer at work? I can keep my stuff as well-ordered as I like but that doesn't stop other idiots from putting things in the most ridiculous places on the server. Search is something I use several times a day at work, although I only discovered the search from the Start Menu thing fairly recently (it is not obvious or well documented). I search from inside Explorer or Finder and both work reasonably well, although Explorer seems to be faster most of the time.

            I work in an office of 5. We all work off a main server and I have never had to use the search function at work in my 4+ years of working here.

            File management is one of the most important, if not the most important park when working on a computer. If someone couldn't learn a simple project management workflow and proper file management then they should be fired.

    Really? Obviously you haven't used osx very much. It still kicks the hell out of windows. (win 7, I haven't tried 8 yet)

      An OS that is primarily designed around being pretty is not an OS. It's marketing to make you feel better about paying 2x the amount for a computer that does nothing the competitor can't do, and better.

      Rubbish! Each has their strengths and weaknesses, but have more similarities than differences, and either will allow you to get your work done. Overall though, I think Win7 is better, as its strengths are in everyday things, like Window management. My perfect OS (imperfect though, it would still be) would be Windows with OS X's "Preview" app. They can happily flush the rest of OS X down the toilet. Most of it is different purely for the sake of being different (the same complaint I have with WIn7 over Vista).

        Most of WHAT is different for the sake of being different? Are you talking about most of OSX being different to Windows? In which case, you do realise Mac OS came first right? Point is, they all copy each other, but OSX isn't being different for the sake of it, a lot of it's functionality comes from the early days.

        I actually agree with the 'Rubbish' comment though. The pricing difference is an old excuse that people seem to hang on to. The TCO of a Mac over a Windows computer reveals a completely different story. Mac's aren't for everyone.. what makes a Mac special is the consistent quality behind the components. Some components have problems, every electrical item has it's share of problems, however, from my web -development perspective, colours have been the one area that the Mac has historically outshone the PC world. I know you can get better video cards etc, but generally, the cheap PC contains cheap components, and therefore didn't display colours as they were intended. It's fairly irrelevant to me, I'm a programmer, not a designer. I just prefer to use OSX because *I* find it more stable, and *I* find I spend more time on my work, and less time messing with the OS, or hardware. From experience, *I* also find the working life of my Macs has been far longer than the working life of my PCs. By that, I mean the lifespan of the machine, before it needs to be upgraded or replaced. I found with Windows, every time a new OS version was released, the machine didn't have enough guts to run it. However, the Mac's have lasted me through many major upgrades to OSX.

        Quite frankly, I have absolutely no inclination to go and sell my Mac and buy a PC again. I'm happy with my set up, I'm a freelancer, so I don't have the time to be messing around on machines anymore. I need the bills paid!!

        Theres one positive that very few people seem to comment on... on a Mac, you can very simply run Windows programs you might need occasional access to via VirtualBox etc, however, you can't do the opposite.

        It's all subjective.. but just because I don't like Windows, doesn't mean I jump into all the Windows-related discussions and bad-mouth it.

          high quality foxcom components is an oxymoron

          The cheap (in price &/or quality) pc components, – you mean the SAME parts Apple use? Apple has used mostly identical hardware its entire life. If you buy a cheap pc, it’s a cheap pc. You can buy a decent pc and it’s not whether or not it’s cheaper or more expensive then a MAC as a MAC IS a PC since they went Intel.
          You’re like the guy who buys a PC from Aldi and complains it’s not awesome

          and now your using virtual box to run windows because you have too. why? Because apple is the LEAST open source supportive vendor. OSX is the hardest OS to make apps for, therefore no one does unless they have too.

            "and now your using virtual box to run windows because you have too. why? Because apple is the LEAST open source supportive vendor. OSX is the hardest OS to make apps for, therefore no one does unless they have too."

            HAHAHA.. that's about the funniest, misinformed, troll comment in this thread!! Do you actually know what you're talking about? and should help for starters.

            No one makes OSX software unless they have to... good grief!! Who knows, maybe ADOBE wouldn't be were they are today if it wasn't for Apple, after all they wrote most of their software for Mac first.

              do you ask your 2nd hand car dealer how awesoem and reliable the car is and trust him at face value?
              because i can do that too!

              "Distributed version control systems again represent the preference for over 50% of open source developers using Windows"

              but in seriusness, it comes down to what you do. if your a AV wanabe, maybe a MAC. thats about it.


              if i was a troll i would just say you are a sheep.

              and about adobe? the reason, and this is AGAIN showing how you do not know anything, is because hte OLD MAC CPU's used to be single threaded and couldn't handel proper multitasking. what they did do well though is use bring lots of power to a single application which you needed for adobe.

              o and thats no logner relevent since intel is now in every apple pc... thats right PC

              noob, dont argue with people who work in IT and know the history

                Re-read your comments and you seem to just argue for the sake of it. What has running virtualbox got to do with apple and open source? What has a link to a report on preferred repository got to do with anything at all. At least I provided relevant information to your claims.

                How did I AGAIN show I knew nothing ? I simply stated that Adobe may not have been where they were today if it wasn't for Apple. Funny thing is, you pretty much agreed with what I said.

                As for being a noob, judging by your English, spelling, and quality of argument, I'm guessing you're all of about 19 and been working with computers for a couple for years. Come back when you can boast a 30 year IT career and can form a well constructed argument.

              "No one makes OSX software unless they have to… good grief!! Who knows, maybe ADOBE wouldn’t be were they are today if it wasn’t for Apple, after all they wrote most of their software for Mac first."

              I found this funny.. because the actual truth is that Adobe didn't design it's MAJOR software for Mac first, only a small portion of it, they went WINDOWS FIRST like everyone does, I'm writing this on a mac (1 years old) and how many time's have I put up with it freezing today in about 3 hours? 6 Times. My Windows Machine: Freezing up: Never. Why? Quality Components, Knowledge of computers, Mac's are for people who don't understand computers.

              Just for comparison sake:

              Games for Windows: Millions
              Games for Mac: Thousands
              Free Programs for Windows: Millions
              Free Programs for Mac: Thousands.

              Oh sorry, Windows has a bigger foot print, because it is widely available. Maybe OSX would be larger if Steve job's wasnt a tight fisted prick and wanted to release it to everyone.

                Adobe photoshop, possibly their biggest product, wasn't released for windows until it hit version 2.5 in November 1992. 'Display' as it was originally called, began life in 1987, being developed on.. a Mac. Illustrator didn't go to windows until version 2.0, although it was a terrible release, and didn't improve until v4. Adobe most certainly did not go windows first.

                Because market share always means its better. Right right?

    "The market has spoken"
    Jobs was a smart man who knew how to get markets to speak

    Well, that sucks.

      Time to switch to Linux, and build my own OS I guess

    i have to agree with BlipittyBlopitty to a degree. i still use a mac at the moment for particular software in my industry, but W7 is a phenominal OS

    A polite nod to all those forward thinking business who thought that going Mac was an intelligent choice... whilst completely ignoring that Apple have a history of dumping legacy support and changing/removiing features alltogether without notice.

    I've developed for both platforms (win/osx) and have to say that Windows (in particular W7/w2k8) is still the better OS when it comes down to the nuts and bolts of its design. Its still got its problems, but it is very well designed.

    Cute Scottish Fold! We used to have one

      This comment made me happy while going through all the vicious OS wars :P

    OS X is dying with Win 7 ruling the world, however it is strange that Mac laptops or desktops continue to be the largest selling single model in each category, besides Mac laptops and desktops continue to have the largest positive percentage growth against a shrinking market. I don't really know what is the inference. Why would people buy a dying dud product? Or is there something that doesn't meet up the eye !!! Gone are the days when apple products has price premium. Calculate the total for win comp + office + subscription for antivirus vs Mac + iWorks. I don't think there would be big premium. For instance compare it in the MacBook air segment and match it with an acer/toshiba/whatever. Sure there r cheaper laptops so are $15 mobile phones

      Why is it surprising? They spend a helluva lot more on marketing than anyone else. They also have by far the smallest range, so individual models sell comparatively better, but I bet Dell sell 10 times more laptops than Apple do overall.

      Apple still command a significant price premium. Ticket prices might seem similar but you can get deals on PCs. e.g. My Asus UX 21 had a ticket price of $1594 but it only cost me $1350 from JB Hi-Fi last November, even though it had only been released two weeks earlier. At the time an equivalent MacBook Air was $1899 ($1508.99 today). Even then you miss out on the Sandforce SSD that is the main reason I bought the UX21. No need to buy Office, because I can use it on my phone or via the cloud through Windows Live if I need to, although iWork is really more analagous to MS Works, which has been replace with something else, has been shipping with new PCs for more than a decade. Interestingly, every Mac I use and most that I see around the place, have Office installed on them, so MS are probably making as much money on Mac sales as they are on PC sales. If you really believe you need anti-malware protection (I've never bothered), MS Security Essentials is free, as are a raft of other solutions. The fact you would think you need to pay money for stuff like this just shows your level of ignorance, something common amongst those who tout the superiority of Mac.

      BTW, the laptop market is set to better 400million sales this year and more than 80% of those machines will be sold with Windows. Meanwhile, Apple will sell about 20million iPads. In case maths is not your forte, that is 5% of the number of laptops. Even if you add in iPhone sales, it won't be half as many iOS licenses as Windows licenses. The tablet market might get all the press but the laptop market gets all the sales and revenue. But don't let the facts ruin your fantasy.

    That cat is so cute i just want to hug it, and OSX being marketed as the most advanced OS in the world ... bunch of crap, what OS is released to market and then theres 3 major updates in the first 4 months? The only reason people buy macs is their design, i recently purchased a mac and its running windows 98% of the time with the occasional boot into OSX just to see if it still works.

    Of course, iOS was built from OS X anyway, so all they'll do is switch branding and add back in all the things they took out of OS X to make iOS in the first place. Like much of what Apple does, it is all about perception and marketing. OS X has had a good run, its time to move on. Interestingly though, MS will get there first and Apple will be following.

    Wow just shot the coffee out my nose with a sudden burst of laughter when I finally got around to seeing Ive's photo... grumpy bastard.

    Oh and let me sum up the arguments for Windows/Android vs. Mac OS X/iOS that most of the antagonists use in the Giz forums...

    Troll, troll, troll derp, sheeple, derp, troll, troll.. I know best, everyone else is dumb... derp.


      I thought Ive was doing the "gangsta" pose cause all the rest are "punks" and he is the most outstanding cue ball in Cupertino.

    From my perpective (online small business owner) I stood by windows for many years and thought osx was a piece of crap until I used it for some time. On windows I spent a lot of time ironing out wrinkles in the and fixing problems with the os which took up valuable time. Something goes really wrong and can't fix it? re-install. Changed to mac and I don't remember having to do ANY of this troubleshooting, it's been 3 years and I still have the same install. no issues. I'm not a Apple fanboy, But I'm definately a fan of using my computer to make money instead of screwing around with it all the time trying to make it work properly.

      When? In 1999. I haven't had to touch Windows since Win2000, other than to optimise driver settings for the kind of work I do on it, something you can't do at all on a Mac, because Apple think they know better than you do. e.g. Apple's display drivers are optimised for dual-monitors and they do that really well. Unfortunately, I don't use dual monitors, I need strictly compliant OpenGL drivers to run 3D software like Maya or compositing software like Combustion, and Apple seem to have less than no interest in that, so I have to put up with poorer performance on Mac. After all, wouldn't you rather the company that designed, engineered and built your components wrote the drivers, not some third-party vendor who put it in their machine?

        Hey MotorMoron, have you ever read back on your comments? You sound like such a bitter loser, desperately rubbishing Apple every chance you get. Most people in the world are not total geeks messing around with display drivers, optimising graphics cards for 3D software or whatever the hell you do. Most people just want the computer to work out of the box and provide a smooth, painless, intuitive user experience. And that's what apple is good at. And get a job mate, how do you have time to write these garbage essays on every post.

        1999? I still have a windows 7 pc right now as a games only, lounge room plasma scenario on a new high spec system, $2000 worth. After a few months of being installed I ran into numerous problems, most recently 2 problems which it appears there is no solution and I have been advised to re-install.

      I've been running the same Windows 7 install on my custom gaming PC for almost 3 years (2 years 10months to the day), no reinstall required. The entire time I have been running an SSD as the boot drive (quite pricy at the time but awesome) which definitely helped. I have also made some hardware upgrades with no ill effects (RAM from 6 to 12 gig, graphics card from Nvidia GTX 275 to ATI Radeon HD 6970 OC and a new case with improved cooling for a higher overclock, the ist gen i7s get HOT!).

      Windows 7 is so easy to use, I don't understand how people screw it up so bad! Only thing I can chalk it up to is a problem between the Leopard and the Chair (

    I've tried OSX snow leopard. It was ok, but there were some really differing paradigms that I couldn't get into. Like they don't make it easy for you to just work off the file system. You need to work in the app sandbox. But my biggest gripe was why application windows didn't all maximise properly. WTF?!?

    If Apple doesnt want me to do it, I dont want to do it. If I cant do something on a mac, it isnt worth doing.

      your mac cant breathe for you, you should probably stop doing that

      Installing Windows must be worth doing because you can do that on a Mac...

    I personally don't enjoy using OSX (I currently have one monitor on OSX and one on Windows 7) but if I was buying an ultrabook I'd probably go for the Macbook Air. I actually think the simplification they are adding works well for portable devices. A lot of what I do on my PC at home is browser based anyway.

    I think it's funny that Microsoft using their mobile OS to add a layer of simplification to their full OS is considered innovative and modern, but Apple doing the same thing means they are killing off the full OS. Metro apps and App Store apps are essentially the same thing: simplifying the basics for everyday users.

    With the news that Win8 products (including a few ARM products, and most likely ultrabooks and hybrid/tablet PCs such as the Lenovo Yoga and Samsung Series 7) will most likely be out in October this year, it will be interesting to see if Apple will try to steal some of MS' thunder with the further "iOSification" of OSX.

    So long as the functionality of the OS isn't diminished (stick in a USB drive - it works; connect a printer - it works; Browse the filesystem; etc.) it doesn't matter what it's called. Looking forward to the next 18 months of interface and device design!

    Not a fan of OS X. I've used it for editing video (which it did fairly well in the OLD Final Cut Pro) and am using it at TAFE currently for 2D animation. I'm sick of the lack of window snapping, the top menu bar never being the application I want and all the wasted space. It's the most frustrating operating system I've used, more so than the Linux flavours I've dabbled in. Dislike.

    FreeBSD will never die, even if OSX does. Yeah fanbois, Apple didn't pull OSX out of thin air!

    Who cares, why do people keep feeding the patent trolls anyway.

      Do you even know anything about the history of OS X? It seems not.

    My hurr is better than your durr.

    iOS is a subset of OSX with a lot of stuff "Thrown Out"!

    [email protected] guys getting hot under the collar of their skivis im sorry fashion police ill buy a mac to look cool and be different join the revolution!

    Use Linux! Everything should be freeeeeeeeeeeeee!

    In all seriousness though, I've seen militant OS X fanboys turn to Windows and questionably loyal PC users suddenly adopt OS X. It's down to a combination of the individual's preferences, tastes and needs.

    I'm a sound engineer and I've worked in studios around the country - I have never worked in a large scale studio that runs Windows, never once. Thus, I run OS X and a Macbook Pro because it's compatible with work and to be honest I do prefer the interface... maybe not so much on Lion... but there's fixes for the hideous calendar and address book skins so it's not a major issue.

    You should all really calm down about it, you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink.

      I use Windows, I really enjoy 7. I would love to get Linux, but the programmes I want I can't be bothered to get working on the OS or attempt.
      I don't want a Mac because I have a 6Yo PC that works just fine, and with small tiny upgrades here and there that keep it running well. Needless to say, my PC cost me 50% as much as a Mac.

      But I don't really give a shit, as long as I have what I enjoy and prefer, I'm all good. Who let all the eight-year-olds in?

    Guys, take a breath, then go and read though all these comments. Aren't you embarassed?

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