An Animated Primer To Dubstep

An Animated Primer To Dubstep

Thanks to the mainstream success of artists like Skrillex, dubstep is enjoying some widespread appreciation. Wait, but what is dubstep? Most people probably can’t tell it apart from other types electronic music. If you’re amongst the newly-converted, this video will explain the basics.

Oh, the trials of a formerly niche electronic music genre. Old-school dubstep fans will tell you that Skrillex is full of crap and that this video is overly-reductive. They’re right, but the truth is that sometimes it’s useful to have a a baseline definition as a starting point. This video does an admirable job of explaining how it works. After you’ve watched it, turn off the Skrillex and dig into the vast troves of the expansive genre.

Here’s a few jams on YouTube to get you started:

Burial “Archangel”

Kode 9 “Black Sun”

Pinch “Pepper Spray”

Silkie “New York City”

Pervelist “Bluez”