Amazon Is The New SkyMall

Passengers on Delta flights with Wi-Fi will now get free access to Amazon. Say goodbye to that kitschy catalogue, say hello to the better future of airborne shopping.

The Next Web reports that Delta wants to make shopping in the air easier by giving you access to Amazon for free. While it might be easy to dismiss this change as some dystopian development, it's actually a boon. You've doubtless perused the SkyMall catalogue in the seatback pocket, and if you're like us, never bought a thing. At least when you're shopping on Amazon you can look for things you actually like with the convenience that you're already familiar with Amazon and might even have an Amazon Rewards credit card or cheap shipping with Amazon Prime to sweeten the deal.

More importantly, if you forgot to update your Kindle with new books before your cross-country flight, you can now download them on Delta without paying for Gogo in-flight Wi-Fi. Who knows, maybe one day Wi-Fi on planes will actually be good enough that you can stream movies with your Amazon Prime account without paying a dime extra. [Delta via The Next Web]

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