Your Next Dining Room Table Could Be Made From Your Old Refrigerator

The huge, incredible DIY Maker Bot is almost as impressive as the beautiful furniture it assembles from the melted-down refuge of discarded kitchen appliances. You have to watch this for yourself.

Dutch designer Dirk Vander Kooij will build you a futuristic rocking chair, a wild-looking table or whatever kind of furniture you want. From the comfort of his own homegrown production facility, Kooij designs the furniture on his computer, which is then built by Fanuc, an old Chinese production-line machine. For materials, KooiJ takes old refrigerators, which have been ground up into tiny bits, melts them down, and then sets Fanuc to work layering the melted waste into beautiful creations.

Vander Kooij started out making chairs when he was a still a design student, but now he's gone pro, and he'll make you an eco-conscious furnishing — If you can pay the price. Each piece will cost you between $US630 and $US1240. [Dirk Vander Kooij via FastCo Design]

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