Woolworths' Facebook Misstep Too Juicy To Resist

Social media — it's the brave new channel for businesses to engage their customers. Some get it right, others not so much. Then there are the big guys, like Woolworths, that stand no chance in the face of their own notoriety. So, when Woolies posted this Facebook message to finish off the week, it must have known the hackles it would raise.

Here's the innocuous message, posted around 4:20pm yesterday:

Happy weekend everyone! Finish this sentence: this weekend, I can't wait to: ____________

And, here are some of the replies:

Go to my local farmers market and make sure none of my $$ go to The Big Two.

sit around and figure out how people get paid to make this kind of rookie social media mistake.

Amongst other things, at some point I will probably try to shop for a few of my favorite products only to discover they've been replaced by a far inferior Woolworths Select item.

Order online and have woolworths send me all their old nearly past sell by milk, fruit, veg, bread... Pull your socks up guys online is not an excuse to dump your dated stock

To be fair, I've picked out some of the worst ones — there's more than a few light-hearted, genuine responses to balance the vitriol. While not a total train wreck, I'm sure Woolies' social media team will think twice before posting another open-ended message.

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    I think some of those light hearted ones probably were told to make nice comments. Who really would write this
    "I think the woolies social media team should be applauded. This post is an extremely good example of how to use social media. I didn't know woolies had a facebook page until today. Well done team!"
    I mean, really?

      Did I do good boss....Did I? Huh...Did I?

    "send me all their old nearly past sell by milk, fruit, veg, bread" > I'd have to agree with that comment, but I'd point both Coles and Wollies do it and it's why their online ordering market simply won't grow

      It is very stupid of both Coles and Woolworths to treat their online market as a way of offloading old stock that is nearly past its use by date.
      Then they will have the hide to whinge that online isn't working.
      Well it won't work if you treat online customers with such contempt.

    Ordered online from Coles a few weeks ago. Had a rotting leg of lamb delivered. As in green and smelling like sh!t My outraged housemate rang Coles head office to complain and we are now the proud owners of a $20 gift card and a hollow apology. GG Coles. Pr!cks...

      Oh my goodness! I have never had a problem with stock quality. *Touch Wood*

      However, in EVERY single delivery there is always something missing. ALWAYS! Once it was 8 items missing in one delivery. I don't order online anymore incase the items I need don't actually make it. I'm not talking about out of item stock either - I'm talking about items that have been ticked and signed, not actually ending up on my door step.

    If you want the freshest stuff you have to go and get it yourself. Only chumps take stuff from the front.

      Chumps also take stuff from the back. With the pressures of getting the stock on show, shelf items are often pushed to the back and the new stuff is put at the front. After all, it takes time to unload a shelf, fill it with new product and place the old stock at the front. I work in a supermarket and know this goes on not just in mine, but in every single one I have been to. My department has a date system in place, however, despite this system being avaliable at other stores, it isn't used, or is used badly.

      I pride myself on the fresh crap that people buy, however, I hate throwing stock away because some people who go through 3ltrs of milk a day, think the one that is a day newer is better.

      Oh and stick things back where you got them. Like don't stick your unwanted deli items in the frezers you lazy pricks.

        I got a "telling to" for properly rotating stock... i was the only guy doing it and no one else was.... and i was told to put something back on the shelf that was going off (in a tin) "no no thats the make date not the useby".... so sir... this tin of food is made.... tomorrow?

          As a customer I have found Coles tends to have more almost (or past!) use-by stuff compared to woolworths. But each store is different too. Always check use-by dates! I still remember that scene on master chef where they bought some puff pastry from Coles the was past date so they couldn't use it.

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted

    Ah, social media. Honest feedback from your customers - I can't think of a single business that wouldn't get more haters responding than satisfied customers. Think about it: if you have a "suggestions box", are you going to get more compliments or complaints?

    http://www.aussiefarmers.com.au/ is the only place to shop for home delivery of fresh food and perishables.

    I agree. Not quite the same category, but also interesting is http://www.hellofresh.com.au/ - with a focus on cooking.

    Is Woolworths selling day old bread? There homebrand bread that they where selling for $1 and now for $1:50, in the past couple of months has not felt as soft or freash as other brands. Also with this heat it has been going moldy faster. I looked on the use but tag and found the best use buy date is a day earlier than other brands of bread. I have now switched to buying Aldi bread which is much fresher.

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