Who Wants To Blow Up A Truck This Valentine's Day?

Valentine's Day is fast approaching, and if you're dateless again this year (*raises hand*), don't drown your sorrows with a bottle of Jack. Especially not when you can take out your unloved frustrations with an internet-connected machine gun.

Twisted Metal, the classic Playstation game, has been rebooted and will hit stores on February 14 for the PS3. To celebrate, Sony, in conjunction with Deutch Inc, has parked a life-size replica of Sweet Tooth's Ice Cream Truck somewhere in the Nevada desert along with a wired M249-SAW, a webcam and 100,000 rounds.

If you'd like a chance to shoot — 60 rounds per person — you'll have to log into ShootMyTruck.com with either your Facebook or Twitter account and hope you're picked from the lottery. The contest runs February 14-15. Happy hunting.

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