What You Need To Know On Vita Launch Day


    Saw it at EB Games for $243..

      If I'm not mistaken, that's with some sort of trade-in. Something like a iPod 3rd Gen?

      I thought if you traded in a 8gb Ipod you get that price..

        You may be correct, but the large $243 sign does not make it obvious.. Perhaps something for the ACCC to have a look at?

          No, because if you actually read the sign it's very clear.

          Don't people read signs properly it's clear as day light ire idiocy lol n ekbul u can go to any game store n request a demo coz they have one behind the counter

    ^When you trade in an 8GB iPod touch....

    I was looking around at some shops hoping I could have a little play with the ps vita but no demo units so I still haven't taken the plunge yet. On an off topic note I saw a hand drawn mass effect 3 cutout at jb hifi but instead of commander shephard they had a picture of marcus fenixs head tacked on and a slogan about facing off against a horde of locast.

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