Video: A Jumping Car, Brought To You By… Bose?

Video: A Jumping Car, Brought To You By… Bose?

So Bose has its own automotive division. Yes, this is news to me. Turns out it specialises in awesome suspension systems, like the one above that basically ignores any crap an uneven road wants to dish out. Oh, and it’s mad-good at jumping clear over small obstacles.

If it looks like the car with the Bose suspension is riding on magnets, you might want to know that’s exactly what it’s doing. According to Bose’s info page on the system, it uses linear electromagnetic motors built from “magnets and coils of wire” to respond ultra-quickly to dips and bumps.

A power amplifier attached to the suspension allows energy to be sent to the motor to absorb an impact as it occurs, and then some of that energy can be recouped via the same system as the suspension returns to normal. Because of this, Bose claims the suspension uses “less than a third of the power” than the average car air conditioner.

The video is from 2007, so some of you may have seen it before, but it’s a first for me! Shame the last part is in French.