USB Hub Doesn't Care Which Way You Stick It In

It doesn't do USB 3.0, but I can forgive Buffalo for overlooking that functionality since its new four-port hub doesn't get all uptight when you try to insert a USB cable upside down. It happily goes both ways.

And that's pretty much its claim to fame. When it's available you'll be able to get one for about $US23 in four different colours, ending the days of having a 50/50 chance of inserting a USB cable correctly when you can't see the port. [Buffalo via Rocket News 24]


    Now why didn't USB adopt this feature from day one? Surely it would have made sense to allow you to plug it on any which way. I hate crawling behind computers and spinning the rectangle around only to find I had it right the first time!

      I was actually about to criticise this product for being for lazy people who can't spend the extra 0.2 seconds to turn a cable around, but then I thought about it, and realised I actually have wasted a significant portion of my life doing exactly as you described. Nothing worse than trying to cram a USB device in by feel alone! ;)

      Now that I have a powered hub on my desk however, I don't think I'll be replacing it with this, but it's a pretty good idea all the same. Let's hope it's not patented (yeah right) and everyone starts doing it

    Just keep away from the Wife model. Costs a fortune to maintain, makes constant whining noises, and only lets you 'stick it in' once a month :P

    i was actually expecting you to tell us how it worked...

    Thats what she said

    this is awesome news.. i plugged my external portable 1tb into a mates toshiba lappy and it actually let me get the plug in more than half way upside down without any force and shorted out the computer turned off and the HDD is now corrupt. recovering the data using a recovery program takes like 2hrs for 3gb so for the entire TB would take weeks.

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