Unprepared For Valentine's? Well, There's Always The Billboard Of Love

Sorry, make that Telstra's Billboard of Love. Positioned above the telco's premiere store on the corner of Melbourne's Swanston and Bourke, the illuminated display is set to broadcast personalised messages of adoration for two days, starting from 6am this coming Monday and wrapping up 10pm Tuesday.

Telstra's calling it Australia's "largest electronic Valentine's Day Card", a statement I have no doubt is entirely accurate, if extremely specific. Anyone with a mobile can get their name and that of a loved one up in lights with a simple SMS to the number 0499 695 683.

You can't have a custom message up there — it'll only accept the format "[name] [space] [name]". So, "Logan Lamingtons" would show up as "Logan ♥ Lamingtons". No character limit is specified, though best to keep it short to be on the safe side.

When your message will actually appear, no one quite knows. Save you having to hang around Bourke St all day, wondering how DJs is still in business, Telstra will send you an MMS of your message as it appears on the billboard.

If it all sounds familiar, Telstra ran a similar promo last year. The SMS number has changed, so if for some reason you have it on speed dial, you'll need to update it.

Image: Telstra / Mumbrella.

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