There Are Nearly A Half-Million Android Apps Now

Android is poised to take over the world -- at least according to new numbers from Google. The number of Android apps has exploded to 450,000 up from 150,000 just a year ago. And that's just the beginning.

The Android numbers posted today by Google are seriously impressive: There are 800,000 Android device activations a day, and 300 million (!) Android devices worldwide. If this inspires you to go get an Android phone, start doing your research because more than 800 different Android devices have launched to date. [Google]


    So now android, just like its i* brethren, has 449,950 pieces of crapware available for download, and 50 useful apps.

    And i was going to switch to an iPhone for its apps

    Yeah, but how many are actually useful? Don't get me wrong I have my share of apps on my tablet, but I seem to delete most of 'em after a very short time!

    Sure there's heaps of filler (like a single e-book counting as its own "app") but so long as the Marketplace (or whatever the OS application store is called) has solid search, categorisation and user-feedback mechanisms I don't think it matters exactly how many apps are out there: the crap will fall to the bottom, the gold will stay at the top, and apps like "Appflow" will supplement Marketplace features.

      Heh, Never heard it said that way, would have thought the gold would go to the bottom and crap to the top? :)

        No no no, that's peoples taste in modern music.

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