The Sinister Side Of Fairy Tales

If you've ever read Grimm's Fairy Tales, you'll know such stories are best when they have a sinister streak. Photographer Thomas Czarnecki agrees, and his new collection re-imagines childhood stories in order to lay their dark side bare.

Called "From Enchantment to Down", the collection of photographs by Paris-based Czarnecki depicts fairy tale heroines experiencing some dark times. From the Little Mermaid washed up on a beach, through Alice being held hostage, to Pocahontas slung over the shoulder of a hunter, you've probably never seen the stories told this way.

It's probably best if you don't show them to small children, though. They might get a little upset. You should, however, check out the full series at Design Boom and on Czarnecki's website. [Thomas Czarnecki via Design Boom]

Images: Thomas Czarnecki

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