The iPad’s Split Keyboard Has a Few Hidden Buttons that Make Typing Easier

You've no doubt seen the split keyboard that iOS 5 brought to the iPad, but it turns out it has a few hidden buttons on the edges. Here's how they work.

My biggest gripe with the split keyboard was that it forced me to type certain letters—like T or Y—with certain hands. Depending on what I'm typing, sometimes I prefer reaching to T with my right hand, or Y with my left. It turns out, though, that Apple actually lets you do that with the split keyboard—you just don't see the keys. Try it: tap and drag the keyboard key in the bottom right corner to split the keyboard, then tap next to the Y key. It should type the letter T. Now the split keyboard is quite a bit more enticing!

[Finer Things in iOS via @danfrakes]

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    If Apple added only a few more keys to each side then one could have a normal keyboard. Sigh.

      You do know that the choice to split the keyboard is just that.. a choice, right?

        I updated to iOS 5 and me keyboard was split - I never made any choice.

          Then just change it back in the keyboard settings.
          Hence... still a choice

            Ummmmm.... just drag it back together, no need to go into settings...

    Pity they haven't managed to give me a Dvorak layout yet.

    Microsoft did it first. KASNAP!

      Was my first thought too. MS is less bitchy than Apple though, so doubt they'll try to ban the sale of all iOS devices cause of it.

        ... actually, going by track record, Android will release a split keyboard next, and Apple will sue Google claiming ownership of the keyboard patent.

          Or, Google will add a split keyboard, fandroids will claim android had it before anyone else and troll blogs hating on Apple.......

            This lol

              Hm? Android has already got a split keyboard app available. It's pretty simple and obvious solution to some that we so called "fandroids" don't see it as some kind of ingenuity at work to brag about.

                This lol (see what i did there)

                  Android has had the swiftkey app for tablets for ages and it has the choice of split and normal.

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