Galaxy S II 4G Pops Up Again On Telstra's Systems

Telstra has promised that it'll release a variety of 4G devices this year — we've already had the Velocity 4G, and the 4G Ultimate WiFi is clearly coming soon. Now it appears even more likely that the next 4G device might be the gracefully ageing Samsung Galaxy S II. Over at Ausdroid they've published a screenshot from Telstra's instore system detailing the Galaxy S II 4G (as well as the Galaxy Note); while that's not definite confirmation of its existence, as strange phone models do pop up there from time to time, it'd be an interesting move for Telstra to take, especially as while the Galaxy S II is a fine phone — Gizmodo Australia's phone of the year for 2011, as it happens — it's not exactly a spring chicken, with competing carriers now offering it on quite low cost plans. [Ausdroid]

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