Telstra's 4G Wi-Fi Hotspot First Glimpse

We've known for a while that Telstra was planning a 4G Wi-Fi Hotspot to compliment its existing USB 4G device and the HTC Velocity 4G. It's just poked its head up in Telstra's business catalog, revealing itself (rather predictably) to be a rebadged Sierra Wireless device. No word as yet as to pricing or exact availability -- I'm waiting to hear back from Telstra on this score -- but an image scanned by Whirlpool user MR. Coconuts shows the 4G Hotspot. It's pretty clearly the Sierra Wireless AirCard 803S (or a very close relative thereof, reworked to Telstra's 1800 LTE frequency), and presumably the successor to the Ultimate WiFi Hotspot Telstra released last year. I wonder if this year's model will chirp like a Game & Watch the way last year's did? (Thanks to Mike for the tip!) [Whirlpool & Sierra Wireless]


    This device has been available on business connections for months, you can opt for the 4G dongle or this device on new connections for $349

      Thats the 3G Ultimate device -- this is its replacement.

    can i ask what the difference is between buying it on the Telstra Business plan, compared to the bigpond plan?

    obviously business plan you need an ABN number, but other than that...?

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