Telstra Signs Up As An NBN Retailer

Telstra's become the latest customer — and last of the big telcos — to sign a deal that will allow it to connect customers to the National Broadband Network. The Sydney Morning Herald reports on the deal, which was reached over the weekend, noting that Telstra won't get any special treatment due to its size; all NBN retailers receive the same data terms regardless of size. As such, it'll be fascinating to see how aggressively Telstra attacks the NBN market in terms of its deals.

Telstra's historically charged a little more than the competition on the basis of both network quality and some exclusive content deals, most notably sports streaming rights, which have been a recent issue with the Optus TV Now case. With the network identical for everybody, it would be hard for Telstra to justify higher prices, although at the same time it's unlikely to seriously undercut its existing ADSL2+ plans.

Telstra's been rather busy in the NBN sphere of late, with its plans for structural separation lodged last week still awaiting ACCC approval. [SMH]

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