Star Wars On Earth Should Be Your Next Holiday

Die-hard Star Wars fan might know this already but for the rest, here's your next holiday: Tunisia. Four of the Star Wars filmed in Tunisia (as the planet Tatooine) and most of the buildings are still in good shape, which means you can visit it. It's Star Wars, but instead of being a galaxy far, far away, it's on Earth.

The desert igloo above is of course Luke's home. According to Los Apos, the igloo is surrounded by nothingness. Originally, it was taken apart after the first trilogy but had to be rebuilt for the second trilogy. Supposedly, it's a perfect sunset spot.

The home of Obi-wan Kenobi is now used by local fisherman as storage. Image: Hoylen Sue

Tosche Station, which is known IRL as Sidi Jemour, on the Island of Djerba, Tunisia. Image: Eckart1

Mos Espa is mostly intact. The gates, the podracing arena, Watto's shop and the market are all there. Image: Srdjan Djordjevic

The picturesque Jundland Wastes which is pretty much Star Wars Canyon. Image: Roger Noguera Arnau

Los Apos has the full guide with even more destinations, along with Google Maps locations to see all the Star Wars spots in Street View so you can better plan your pilgrimage. See you all there. [Los Apos via Reddit]


    Star Wars On Earth Should Be Your Next Holiday

    Umm,.. going by these photos... I think not..!!

    Bit of a touchy political situation in that area still... It's not really currently a great holiday destination.
    Interesting to see the buildings are still there though!

    FINALLY I can get those power converteeeeeeeers!

    I can see it now...sipping a Blue Milk cocktail, watching the moons come up, later that night, warming myself by a pile of burning Jawas, just me, my droids, and the smouldering skeletons of Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru. So romantic.

    If the place is ever run by civilised people, then I'll consider going.

    Until then, it'd be just the same as stuffing my pants full of $100 bills and shouting "I hate black people!" in a crowded street. You won't last 10 seconds over there if anything goes wrong. Screw THAT.

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