Squid-Inspired Camera Mount Sucks In The Best Possible Way

Sometimes the perfect shot calls for you to perch your camera in a spot too far for you or even a tripod to reach. So Cinetics has updated its CineSkates dolly system with a trio of squid-strong suction cup mounts.

Scheduled to ship near the end of March for $US235, the aptly named CineSquid swaps roller blade wheels for industrial-strength pump-action suction cups strong enough to secure a camera lighter than five pounds to any smooth surface.

Like the CineSkates, the system includes a GorillaPod articulated tripod for extra flexibility. And even though the promo video shows it securely stuck to the underside of a plane, I'd probably think twice about hanging a camera that cost thousands of dollars to a $US235 mounting solution. [Cinetics via Gizmag]

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