Should Mac Owners Date Windows Owners?

Should Mac Owners Date Windows Owners?

Yes, that’s a ridiculous question; clearly, no-one should base their relationship choices on something as superficial as the operating system they use. But equally clearly, lots of people make bad choices, a fact underlined by the surprisingly central role Valentine’s Day seems to play in maintaining relationships. Desperate times might seem to call for desperate measures. Nonetheless, you should look beyond the boot sector disk when you’re making a bootie call.

The poster child site for this kind of romantic ridiculousness is Cupidtino, the dating site which aims to link up Apple fanboys and fangirls.

My nasty side wants to point out that the site is apparently so keen on all things Apple that it even includes a mistaken use of “it’s” on its front page, an error it could doubtless blame on AutoCorrect’s over-enthusiastic push to use inappropriate aposotrophes:

However, my nicer side just thinks this is tragic and slightly pathetic. In the most recent quarter, Apple sold 5.2 million Macs. Do you really think you want to date every one of those people?

Despite those numbers, one disadvantage of choosing to date based on preferred OS is that if you’re a Mac user, you’re dramatically reducing the available pool of candidates. While iPad dominates tablets and iPhone and Android run close on smart phones, the computer market is still a Windows world.

According to IDC, Apple has 15 per cent of the local market. Choosing not to date anyone who doesn’t use a Mac means you’re going to eliminate more than 80 per cent of the population. Make all the noise you want about Macs being more dominant in “creative” sectors, you’re still cutting down your odds.

I’m guessing that if I ask readers if they’ve had successful relationships even when (gasp!) the two people involved used different OSes, there will be lots of examples. So please prove me right. Please.

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