Samsung's 5-Inch Galaxy Note Changed My Life

Yeah yeah, the Galaxy Note is huge. But Abdel Ibrahim and Jon Dick at The Tech Block found ways to work the mobile colossus into their everyday lives.

I can't tell you how many times I've looked at my puny iPhone 4 with disgust, wishing with all my might that it were bigger. It's too portable, too pint-sized, and those qualities have no place in a society that values 4WDs and 2000-calorie meals over hatchbacks and sensible portions. I'm tired of misplacing a dainty device that was designed with the average hand in mind, and I'm sick of having a smartphone that's not interested in being anything else.

You can imagine my delight, then, when Samsung took the wraps off its gigantic Galaxy Note, a device the company promises will blur the line between smartphones and tablets. I had to have it, had to see what I've been missing with my laughably small, all-too-practical iPhone. Weeks later, I did, and there's no going back.

The Galaxy Note's tagline asks if the device is a tablet or a smartphone, but like a girl in Spanx, it's so much more.

With my wife spotting me, I hoisted the Galaxy Note from its crate, fired it up and salivated. Never before has 5.3 inches been so excessive, I thought. Glorious.

Next to the Galaxy Note, my iPhone looked like a useless toy, like a plastic, bubble-spitting lawnmower beside its real-life counterpart. It was then that I realised my life would never be the same. I'd found an Everlasting Gobstopper — this behemoth would satisfy my every appetite.

LCD or Plasma? That was my dilemma before the multi-talented Galaxy Note came into my life and spared me the expense. I hung the Samsung in my entertainment centre and never looked back. Surely this is what James Cameron had in mind when he re-imagined Fern Gully.

But the downsizing didn't stop there. My iPad was next to go. Why have two touchscreens I can't possibly fit in my pants? I figured. The Galaxy Note scratched that itch, too.

Who needs a gym membership? With the help of some packing tape, the Galaxy Note attached to my wife's arm and killed two birds with one 5-inch stone: It pumped out tunes on the go, and it gave her an upper-body workout that a set of free weights would struggle to match. It also saved me a trip to the local court.

Afraid of the dark? Not with a Galaxy Note by your side. Samsung's full-figured phone filled in for my nightstand lamp and ensured the sun never set in my apartment. And I could swear I'm slightly tanner.

An iPhone, we can all agree, is a shitty librarian. It's too small and soft-spoken to be taken seriously. The Galaxy Note, on the other hand, demands attention like a fat kid on a diving board. It had no trouble keeping my books in order.

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    not sure if serious. am I just a bit thick

      Judging by your lack of grammar and punctuation, I'd say "Yes" to that incoherent statement/question.

    I enjoyed this :)

    haha, good one.

    When the HTC HD2 came out (late 2009), a 4.3 inch screen was derided as being too big for normal use, a size that no-one wanted. Now it's the standard and even too small for some.

    Bahahaha. That's the funniest article I've read in ages.

    Another Apple fanboi rant :-(

    really didn't see the point of this, so its not for you & you can't see how/who it would be useful for, thus you take the piss. I thought an actual review was coming?

    Samsung doesn't know how to improve UX. the only thing he can do is just increasing screen size and cpu. A simple and less intelligent way to make mobile more attractive for those who are simple brain user

      Pretty flimsy argument since ideally, all OEM phones will be using default Android with its UX. Simple brain user is a bit rich when the main competition is a phone overwhelmingly used by the old, technophobic or ignorant.

        +1 especially flimsy, given the attraction of iOS devices is their simplicity - Android needs a little extra brain power to use...

          Not saying iOS users are dumb, but dumb users will have better luck with iOS

            but dumb users will have better luck with iOS........real funny,but true :))

    lol at turning it into a shot clock.

    Fantastic read! Keep up good work :-)))

    Why are people taking this too seriously? Every article that is written here turns into an iSheep vs Fandroid war. Take a chill pill everyone!
    This article put a smile on my face (something I needed after a long week) and I hope it does to other people too

      +1 This place is overrun with insecure, defensive, anti-apple Android fanatics, who can't even take a joke. Not to mention dicks that constantly accuse Giz writers of bias, if writers dare mention Apple, or worse still , if they dare compare any Android product to an iDevice! (never mind the fact that Apple make the most popular mobile devices in the world - we're all just sheep apparently).

      I own an Android phone and an iPad. Crazy eh?! Perhaps I should just argue with myself all day about which half of my brain is superior.

    Cute :) I love the jogging attachment. Definitely better than an iPad strapped to your arm but still a little big...

    I actually know a guy who thinks this will revolutionize the mobile industry.

    What a shame, it was such a good article until that sillyness about using it as a TV and the rest. I can't wait to get my Galaxy Note, looking at my friends iPhones now, I can't help but laugh about how comically small they are. Have a nice day iSheep.

    Im lold a few times reading then. then i wasnt sure if poking fun was just a way to settle the mood and enjoy the beast for what it is or if it was really taking thw piss and didnt really rate it? Like a previous comment i cant tell if im just thick too

    Whenever I think that 5" might be big enough for a tablet, I look at the 6" screen of my Kindle and think ... naaah. 7" would be perfect - and waddayaknow, Samsung has a 7" Galaxy Tab :--D

    I know Apple fans are happy with a little baby screen or a big screen, but some people like a bit of choice with their products. I find my screen isn't that big in my SG2 becuase it has more uses than just a phone like in my car in trips for a GPS and music. 5" is a pretty good size for a phone becuase it still fits in the pockets.

    funny as, but a hint of jealousy in there my little iphone cousins.
    it's made more hilarious by the fact that everyone was saying the iphone was too big when they started replacing the tiny Nokias.

    I always thought big phones like this would be just impractical, but sice my mum got a 4.7 Sensation XL and seeing it in use and more importantly; the way she uses it, it all makes sense.

    All this "built for average hand size" is so much babyfood pap for morons, to be blunt about it. It is a justification: it's like this so it must be better this way.
    Which is never true. You get a phone to fit YOUR needs, not the other way around, and thank goodness there's enough competition in the market that different devices at different sizes and specifications get made so that everyone can find a device that fits them better.

    As for the article being funny? It doesn't quite work because it's relying solely on the perception that the size of the device is a problem, which makes it rather one-note and unimaginative. It's basically a bunch of awkward fat jokes.

    Aww is the Samsung Note too big for your itty bitty skinny jeans? Just put it in your man bag instead lol


    By not giving me a challange you insult me by assuming I can not evolve and learn. I've got the galaxy nexus and had an iPhone 4. You have adjustment time with any device.

    Lol I love an iwanker. I got my note this week, it acutally feels smaller in my pocet than my old 4s iphone. I have had several work collegues all try the same test. The note just smashes the iphone out of the park, i have not used mine since I got the note. Any inoob can play down any other device, but i am converted, this thing is just the best device on the market by a long shot. I ride 4km every day with it in my pocket and notice it less than the ipoo. I think is because it is lighter and is spead over a greater surface area. Human nature is to bind to the behaviour of people around us. Yes I had an Ipoo and thought I was the best kid on the block, joioned in the religious rantings of the insane. But like relegion, when you work out it is all a big lie and you open your eyes to what is around in the world, you may find a happier place in the note.

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