Samsung Exec Reckons They're 'Not Doing Well' In The Tablet Market

Samsung is apparently resting its hopes on the Galaxy Note lines, because apparently everything else they've thrown at the tablet world isn't working out. I get the distinct feeling that there will be some rather heavy meetings at Samsung today, at least based on a report on SammyHub, which reveals a statement made by Samsung’s product strategy executive Hankil Yoon at a MWC roundtable. According to the report, at the roundtable, Yoon apparently blurted out that

'Honestly, we’re not doing very well in the tablet market.'

Apparently Samsung's hopes lie in the 5.3 inch Galaxy Note and Galaxy Note 10.1 products, as the use of the S-Pen marks them out as distinctive in the tablet marketplace.

This means either one of two things. Either Samsung really is in trouble, which wouldn't be good for variety in the tablet space — or Yoon's going to get a serious talking to from his superiors very shortly indeed. [SammyHub via CNET]

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