Russian Power Station Goes Haywire

You're driving south of St Petersburg, listening to some John Lennon. The traffic is a little heavy. God, this song is so great -- and now, let us pause for an enormous electrical explosion that dominates the entire horizon.

The video comes along with this article from, so poorly Google-translated that I'm only able to ascertain that the fire department showed up at some point. I'm amazed the car's passengers remained so calm -- perhaps gigantic apocalyptic lightning conflagrations are just part of the ol' St Petersburg commute. [ via Reddit]


    The lightening in StP can be quite spectacular but that takes the biscuit!

      It's Lightning not Lightening... Lightning is an electrical event from static built up in the atmosphere, lightening is to make something less heavy or a color shift more towards white...

        Well, didn't the sky go from a dark colour to a white colour?

    and let the "in Soviet Russia' jokes begin:

    looks like a movie intro especially with that music sets the mood for some unsuspecting quick scares

    The same thing happened sorta in the town I lived in (longford, tasmania) when I was little. There was just one massive flash that lit up the whole sky! Of course then we were without power for hours :l

    In Soviet Russia, the light turns on YOU!

    chugs - you asked for it!

    Lucky SOPA got squished. Giz could have been shut down for embedding a clip with copyrighted music.

    Translation: Power trasformation station 110/35/6 КВ №45 has a technological fault on 35 KV equipment on 6th of February at 9AM. Local residents has called a fire brigade but they're turned back as there were no fire. The power supply is restored to all consumers. The station is undergoing repairs and will be operational soon.

    Does not looks as a big deal after all.

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