Rumoured Samsung Galaxy S III Specs Include A Brilliant Display

BGR claims to have the scuttlebutt on the specs for the Samsung Galaxy S III. While this report needs to be placed firmly in "rumour" camp, we can't help but be excited about a beautiful HD display.

While all we know for sure is that Samsung won't be announcing the phone this week at the Mobile World Congress, the leaked specs reported by BGR contain a mix of surprises with more or less what we would expect:

1.5GHz quad-core Samsung Exynos processor 4.8-inch "full HD" 1080p resolution with 16:9 aspect ratio display A 2-megapixel front-facing camera and an 8-megapixel rear camera Ceramic case 4G LTE Android 4.0

The biggest surprise has to be the 4.8-inch, 1080p display, which would make the Galaxy S III a high-resolution Android cousin to HTC's massive Titan. It's certainly a big form factor increase from the Samsung Galaxy S II's 4.3-inch, 400x800 screen. Given that this is a Galaxy S, the 1.5GHz, quad-core processor isn't shocking. Couple the processor with the industry-leading display, and the Samsung Galaxy S III should be ready for the most taxing multimedia you can throw at it. [BGR]



    If this were true I am going to be a little sad on the inside, can we not have those specs, but with a non exynos chip. I mean it isn't like we aren't losing out as it is with this gen of samsung phones, why not continue the trend of getting only a small portion of the app market place.

    Other than that it does look pretty sweet.

    why? Why??? WHY???? does the screen have to be so damn big! What's wrong with 4.3"??!! For the love of all people with normal sized hands WHY???!!!

      4.3" Screen's are too small for use by people with "normal sized hands".
      4.8" is definitely a step in the right direction.
      Let people with tiny hands stick to their iPhones.

        Well, everyone I know has "Normal Sized hands" and they find my friends Galaxy S2 too big.....

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

    Is there any idea when this may be out by?

    Only 8MP....

    If I had a penny for every time I heard a rumor about the SGS3, I'd finally have enough pennies to buy an SGS3

    oh, the irony!

    Well I am prepared to buy a 5.3" Galaxy note, so 4.8" with HD display sounds perfect. I still can't believe they are making the display 1920 x 1080 at this size. I'll believe when I see it announced.

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