Resistance Is Futile: You Will Buy This Animated Light iPhone/iPad Charger Too

Call it tacky. Call it garish. Call it naff, if you must. Call it whatever you want, but this is the most unnecessarily amazing charger for iPhone and iPad ever created by humankind. It glows with electric blue light and it is animated!

We saw these at CES 2011, but we forgot about them until now. They use electroluminescent technology to "visibly show the electrical current flowing through the cable". Not only that, but the flow is faster when your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch is low on juice. When you get over 60 per cent charge, the light flow slows down, shutting down when the device is fully charger.

I know, I'm easily entertained, but come on. Look at that thing at work. You can get them now for $US40 at Amazon. [Muy Computer]

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