Prada’s Phone Spokesmodel Looks Like An Alien

Prada’s Phone Spokesmodel Looks Like An Alien

OK, so a media release just landed in my inbox, spruiking Prada’s new smartphone. But all I can think about is how much the promotional shot makes Ukrainian-Canadian model Daria Werbowy look like an alien.

I’ll come clean — up until the release landed in my inbox, I had no idea whatsoever who Daria Werbowy actually was.

So I checked with the lovely ladies of FabSugar, who assured me that she was, and I quote “stunningly, almost flawlessly beautiful”. Having checked Fabsugar’s regular pics of her, I can see where they’re coming from. So what happened at the Prada photo shoot, exactly?

Of course, she’s a stunning woman — it’s just a really unfortunate photo and distracting from an otherwise mostly boring phone. Speaking of images, we’ve removed the photoshop image that was here. You’re right, that was a little cruel.

Oh, yeah, the phone. It’ll launch exclusively on Vodafone in April, Edward Norton is the other spokesmodel, and it’s an Android Gingerbread LG phone that we’ve written about before. It costs $799 outright. [PradaPhoneByLG]