OS X Mountain Lion: What You Need To Know

OS X Mountain Lion: What You Need To Know

So, OS X Mountain Lion. You should probably know about that. Here’s a rundown on what you should know about Apple’s next OS.

OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion: More iPhone-Like Than Ever
Seemingly out of nowhere, Mountain Lion, the next version of the Apple’s OS X operating system, is formally in the works and will be on our computers later this year. More »

OS X Messages: This Is the Future of IM
AIM, Gchat, FaceTime and iMessage-too many ways to communicate between too many different devices. Not anymore. The new Messages app-available as a beta from OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion-fixes that. More »

Everything Apple’s Trying to Kill with OS X Mountain Lion
Apple’s OS X Mountain Lion brings a lot of new features to the table. It’s the future of instant messaging, for one thing, and probably more than a few other things as well. More »

These Macs Reportedly Can’t Run OS X Mountain Lion
OS X Mountain Lion looks like it’s going to add a bunch of neat stuff for Mac users. But some of you are going to be left out in the cold. Here’s the list of Macs that Cult of Mac claims can run OS X Lion, but not Mountain Lion: More »

The End of Mac
The latest Mac OS X is now just OS X. The “Mac” is now gone. It’s a clear declaration of intentions. The end of Macintosh-the desktop metaphor that reigned supreme for more than two decades-is near.

Not the MacBooks and the iMacs, no, but what defines them. More »