OS X 10.7.3 Update Is Crashtacular

Apple updated Lion this week, officially bringing it to 10.7.3. Great! Only one little problem; it's apparently causing lots of application crashes and weird visual bugs. Here's how to fix it if it's all gone wrong for you. MacRumors reports on the problem, which appears (I've not had it hit my own Macs this way yet, in other words) to happen if you use software update to automatically apply the update, rather than downloading it by itself. The bug can cause random application crashes and graphical glitches in the crash window with a repeated image of a question mark and the letters CUI repeating.

Fear not, though! There is a solution at hand. If you've applied the update and it is crashing on you, grabbing the combo update directly from Apple and applying it over the top appears to clear things up, although if your system is so unstable you can't get that far, you'll have to rely on Time Machine backups. Which sucks, but does highlight the fact that you can't have enough backups. [Macrumors] Image: Macrumors

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