Office For iPad Release Is Imminent

This is not a surprise, but a welcome confirmation for the millions of business citizens of the world who have already adopted the iPad as a work tool: Microsoft Office is coming to the iPad in the next few weeks.

The Daily got its hands on a working prototype of the app, which apparently will have elements of the Metro interface. It will be full Office, capable of creating Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents from scratch, as well as editing them. Apparently, Microsoft is going to pass on the Android version for the time being.

Back in the day, old timers like me used to say that you weren't serious unless you had two applications in your platform: Office and Photoshop. Well, it seems that both of these are imminent, just in time for the ultra-sharp and powerful iPad 3.

Unfortunately, no details or screenshots have been released yet. [The Daily]



    I wonder if it will be priced at an attractive point though.

    If I was MS I wouldn't release Office as an iPad app. I'd only release it for Win 8 tablets as an incentive to people to buy Win 8 tablets. That is, it would be Win 8's "killer app".

      Totally agree. Its a case of shooting oneself in the foot. There needs to be something that convinces iDevice owners to look the other way towards MS products, and Office would be one of them. But it looks like MS are more keen on getting the revenue stream going more than reaping the longer term benefits.

        I think MS not releasing it on the iPad would be shooting themselves in the foot. There is a huge market of iPad users who wont jump over to Windows tablets and already Apps which allow you to open and edit Office files. At least if they launch an Office App for the iPad, they can get a piece of the pie

          Agreed. MS is a software company (gaming and peripherals aside) and like it or not iPad is still dominating the tablet market. SkyDrive for iOS is there - why not add a full-featured method for creating and editing your Office documents while you share them via SkyDrive? No doubt the iPad Office won't be as full-featured as the desktop versions, but more feature-rich than Office Live! and well worth the $10 (or whatever MS will charge) for anybody who wants full compatibility.

    This seems like a bad idea before Windows 8 tablets are even here.

    MS have said that the image is fake, so hardly confirmation of anything...

      Yeah and the story based on rumours and speculation... interesting to see whether there's any truth behind it.

    why not just use Pages, Numbers, Keynote etc.. they can all be bought independantly for around $10.00 an app ?

      Because they're not Office. Apple has popular hardware, but when it comes to productivity software it's still miles behind the industry leader.

        yes, but they do produce better quality slideshows etc and export to Office extensions.

        As for being miles behind M/S , thats a joke right?

        Seriously Pages etc have at least 50% more features than Office apps and produce better quality documents.

          Office only has to put one feature in the ipad version to kill pages and that is dropbox integration. The lack of this kills pages.

          You've never worked on a document in a collaborative enterprise setting have you?


          Regardless of your preference regarding the software if you work in a setting (like pretty much all universities) that uses office then you HAVE to use office. The issues with compatibility (transferring formatting of footnotes etc) are just not worth pages. So, since I vastly prefer macs I am still using office on my mac. I won't stop using a mac. I also can't stop using office. Basically the no office for ipad issue just means I'm buying a replacement air instead of an ipad for travel- So more profits to mac! I bet I'm not the only one.

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