Nokia’s Belle Not Coming To The Aussie Ball [Updated]

Nokia’s Belle Not Coming To The Aussie Ball [Updated]

Got a Nokia Symbian phone and waiting expectantly for the Belle update? You’ll have to keep polishing those crystal slippers and crying into your broom a little longer; while Nokia’s rolled out the Belle update to other customers worldwide, Aussies have to wait.

CNET reports on the issue, which appears to hang — as is so often the case with Android phones — on carrier testing delays. It quotes an unnamed Nokia representative as stating that the company is

in discussions with operators on this, but do not have anything to share at this time.

On the carrier side, a query on Vodafone’s customer blog

We’re still in discussions with Nokia around the release of this update locally, but have nothing to confirm at this stage. What I can confirm is that we are 100% behind supporting the deployment to our customers and have made this known to Nokia.

Telstra’s officially mum — although statements attributed to them on Nokia’s discussion blog seem to mirror the same kind of “it’s Nokia’s fault/No, it’s the carrier’s fault” kind of thinking.

Update: Nokia’s Australian twitter account shows that the company is aware of the issue, as it’s just tweeted the following:

There is huge interest in Nokia Belle in Australia and we will make the update available to Australian consumers, more info to follow soon

Which doesn’t add much detail, but does show that Nokia is listening.