Nokia Will Make An 850Mhz Lumia 710

I was quite taken with the Lumia 710 at Nokia's recent launch of its Lumia portfolio devices; while many have derided it as the cheap and cheerful cousin of the 800 and 900 devices. Its 900Mhz frequency band made it an obvious partner for Optus, and less so for Telstra and Vodafone, unless you really hate data. It turns out that 'selected retailers' will get an 850Mhz model. WPDownunder scored the scoop on this one; Nokia has indicated that 'selected retailers' (which is one of those horribly nebulous terms that could mean absolutely everyone or just a single mobile phone shop in the middle of a shopping mall in Renmark) will get an unlocked Nokia 710 with 850Mhz band compatibility. The report notes that this isn't a quad-band device, which suggests you're swapping out 900MHz for 850Mhz, making it far less suitable for anyone wanting to buy outright and later shift to Optus, but that aside, it's nice to have additional options if you're keen on a low-cost Nokia WP7 handset. [WPDownunder]

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