Nokia Lumia 610: Windows Phone 7 On The Cheap

Nokia Lumia 610: Windows Phone 7 On The Cheap

Thought the Lumia 710 was aimed at the shallower-pocketed amongst us? As leaked, the Lumia 610 goes even further in bringing the price down, with Nokia itself saying it’s for the “younger audience.” Calling it “confident,” with “generous curves,” I was scratching my head waiting for Nokia to introduce Mad Men’s Christina Hendricks to the stage instead. Alas.

Still, it’s got the Nokia Drive, Maps and Music which we’ve seen on the other Lumia handsets, plus Nokia Transport, a new app which shows public transport updates in real-time, for over 500 cities.

On sale before June in Europe, it’ll cost 189 Euros — so roughly $US250. No word yet on Aussie timelines.

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