New Android Apps: Seize Control Of Your Music, Take Goofy Photos, Hurt Your Brain, And More

My life is out of control and I want to manage my data and documents better. I want my music to sound better. I want my brain to work better. I want to watch videos on a bigger screen than my phone. And… I want to take funny pictures to make myself feel better about it. These apps should help.

Cloud Magic: Think of CloudMagic as a search engine that only searches you. It indexes your Google and Twitter data and then cuts down search speed significantly because it doesn't get bogged down by any network or server delays. It's like if Spotlight (or Quicksilver) for the Mac was available on your Android phone. You can search through your Twitter, Gmail, Google Apps, Docs, Calendar and Contacts through CloudMagic. Read more… Free

Cartoon Camera: Sometimes life's a little easier if you can pretend it's all a joke. This app is like Hipstamatic except instead of being tailored to aloof artsy people, it's created for people with a sense of humour — or at least people who like the funny papers. The app does an admirably good job of turning your photos into sketch-like cartoons — especially for a free app. Free

Clik: Clik allows you to control any web-enabled screen from your phone. You point your web browser to and then open the Clik app on your smartphone. Scan the QR code on and that web browser now becomes a big screen to watch videos on (with the Clik app being your snazzy remote). You can search Clik for videos (videos are only populated from YouTube for now), browse random videos or find your favourites. After you find the video you want to play, just click it on your iPhone or Android phone and the video will start playing on your browser's screen. Boom. Bang. Big screen YouTube videos without any fuss whatsoever. All the playback controls are on your phone, all the video is on the bigness of a web browser. Read more… Free

Quell Reflect: Kotaku says: "Quell Reflect. This puzzler, from Fallen Tree Games, exists in a world of calm earth tones and pastels. Its droplet-based logic puzzles become more difficult with each stage, as you would expect, but the game never feels harsh or demanding. Every puzzle has a solution, and every puzzle has an optimal solution. Achieving a perfect score (using the minimum possible number of moves to complete a level) unlocks hints that can walk a player get through some of the trickier stages." $1.53

Music Volume EQ: If you listen to a lot of music, you'll eventually grow dissatisfied with the baseline sound that your phone spits out. Well, maybe not, but once you take some control of how your music sounds with Music Volume EQ, you'll probably go back. I said some control. Not complete control. The app gives you access to a five-band EQ and a live readout of the music your listening to so you can fine-tune the tunes. Free

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